Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Dates. What do you do when you go on them?
  1. Shopping. Who doesn't like shopping with your partner? I for one, love shopping and dressing people up. Anyone, so long as I don't have to pay for everything, partner is exempted of course.
  2. Movies. You all like to watch some movies right? After all it's a form of entertainment, perhaps not at the cinema but definitely at home in front of your computer or glued to your massive plasma TV.
  3. Gaming. This is only for some couples. By games I don't actually mean games that you see guys play 24/7, I mean games like pool, scrabble...more social games. Surely you've played games with your partner, if not, you surely have played games with your friends be it a male or female. This is definitely on one of the things you do on dates...potential ones anyway.
  4. Chilling at a park. For those of you who watch enough movies and anime to know when a couple walks through a park, there would always be a lake near by, a conveniently placed park bench, some swans near by and something romantic happens. That or it starts pouring with rain and they run for the nearest shelter. How can you not add this to the categories?
  5. Chilling at a theme park. Roller coasters, haunted houses. No reason why you shouldn't chill here.
  6. Chilling at the beach. Romantic walk down the beach. Bikini...nice strong I need to say more?
  7. Chilling at respective houses. Before meeting the parents, you probably got sneaked in and watched a movie or just chilled and talked. After meeting parents, your partner most likely is deliberately placing you in awkward positions...that or you get along perfectly fine with their family. I am placed in horrifically awkward situations by my partner.
  8. Occasional random surprise event that occurs in the city. These are spontaneous and unplanned usually. Event occurs, you both decide it'll be fun. Settled.
  9. Sex. Let's not dwell on this topic.
  10. Traveling around the world. My guess is the majority of you who read this do not have the luxury to travel around the world. It is, after all, a very costly and time consuming process. However, this is a great way to simulate living together with your partner and will also strengthen bonds. Not to mention, it'll take you places you've never seen before.
  11. Eating. Come on, every single couple does it. In fact it is probably the easiest way to bond, via food. Who doesn't like to eat? Tell me that and I'll force a cow down your throat.
So I went on a date today with my girlfriend.

She thinks I can't see her with her face covered. xP

Given desirable circumstances I would have compiled the above list and ticked them off as the day went along. But circumstances weren't desirable and we only ate and saw a movie. Then we chilled at SOMEONE else's house.

Day went somewhat like this.
  • Wake up.
  • Fall back asleep.
  • Alarm wakes me up
  • Sleep through the alarm
  • Jerk awake with the idea that I'm late
  • Rush toiletries and get dressed
  • Out the door to pick girlfriend up
  • Drive for 45 minutes, being constantly interrupted by roadwork
  • Awkwardly say hi and bye to her mother
  • Drive to eat lunch
  • Restaurant isn't open yet
  • Buy tickets
  • Restaurant STILL isn't open
  • Buy snacks
Snacks that were snuck into the cinema

  • Restaurant is open. (Breath of relief at this point)
  • Consumption of food.
  • Food is consumed.
Me eating food.

  • Movie is watched.
  • Children disturbs my movie experience
  • Takes girlfriend to friend's house to chill
  • Awkward situation happens
  • Bail.
As most of you can see, this is far from ideal. Infact to make it worse, the awkward situation that happened at my friend's house was me accidentally hugging another girl that I mistook for my partner. How did that happen? My head was turned away from her and friend was conveniently placed where girlfriend would've otherwise been.

Which brings us to the next section: What you should never do on dates. They're all self-explanatory.
  1. Hug her friend because you mistook them for your girlfriend.
  2. Hug her friend for the second time because you mistook them for your girlfriend a second time.
  3. Do it to the same friend.
  4. Watch a children movie with your partner in the middle of school holidays
  5. Watch a children movie at all.
  6. Be in the vicinity of more than 2 children at any given time of your date.
  7. Wake up late to your date
  8. Inability to speak to their parents at the start and/or end of the date.
  9. Suggest your partner to NOT place their feet on the dashboard of your car because it was sunny and their feet were cold. (They'll end up putting their feet on your lap whilst you're trying to drive)

"I love children! Just not when they're in packs." - Pui.
Fellow readers, do you like children in mass quantity...say...50? What do you do on dates, can you extend my list? What other taboos are there for the other list?



    That is all I can say :P

  2. Aw, it's okay you didn't get to tick of Sex on your list ... ;) OR MAYBE YOU COULD'VE HAD SEX AT YOUR FRIEND'S HOUSE!!! TOTALLY MAKES IT ALRIGHT ...RIGHT x3?


    Hmmmm, what other things can you do on a date .... I ...can't think atm. All I can think of is the general stuff that you've already written. Picnics etcetc. CAMPING. OMG GO CAMPING IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE :D ! Or maybe one of those getaway cabin things :| ..if only I was allowed >>"

    Hmm so far Vu and I have done 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 and 11. AND 9 !! I'm joking >>" DO NOT GET IDEAS VU HOANG ;A; !!!! But hahah yes, I understand what you mean about it being awkward around parents @-@'! HARD COS LIKE VU'S PARENTS DON'T SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH ;< and I don't always understand what his mummy is saying ;C and then Vu becomes some sort of translator x)?

    But yeahhhhhhh.
    Vu and I pretty much eat together all the time ;A;


  3. Aww, that's definitely awkward. =x

  4. Awkward :P
    I like to do all the above options for dates :) I love travelling, but mostly alone or with my best friend ~! I haven't had a partner to do that yet :(

    I love kids, but I HATE THEM IN PACKS. I work in a family restaurant and I have to deal with kids in packs BURN THEM ALL ~!

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH AWKWARD SITUATION HAPPENS. I can't really think of anything to add to the list(including what Melody added), it's pretty much all there. xD I've yet to meet Melody's parents but when the time comes, I (really) hope that it won't be awkward. xD


    @Melody - IDEAS?! WHAT IDEAS?! XD And ugh... I know what you mean about it being awkward around my mum, she wants to talk to you but she just doesn't possess the level of English to do that. T-T

  6. 請容許我再一次狠狠的嘲笑你XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  7. haha love this post! I enjoyed reading and didn't want it to end. I like going on the ferris wheel near fed squre only because it is fun to do cliche stuff from movies sometimes...sometimes only. Bowling is fun too ummm

    I've read in a magazine that going to new countries/place actually evoke some sort of feeling like you just fell in love again. I'm so sorry im really crap at explaining but yeh basically its good to rekindle and such

  8. RE: ALL

    It's great to see such positive feed back from everyone!
    It makes me feel that despite this awkward encounters I somehow get myself into, there's still hope and happiness that awaits...

    Despite the new picture of my girlfriend having a knife at my neck...

    I will thrive to continue to provide entertainment :)

  9. ^ you need to post that pic up


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