Friday, September 17, 2010

Good things

Like the title suggests, good things have indeed been happening in my life. My phone, the Sony Ericsson's Satio (U1) finally arrived back to me from HK. My phone had died mysteriously one day for no apparent reason, so I had to send it back to get it fixed. Punctual and efficient, as soon as my phone was handed in to the company office, it was returned to aunt's house the following day. Upon unwrapping the bubble and foam which protected my phone via airmail, I realised they gave me a completely new phone...all the dents and scratches was gone, the LCD protector was replaced by a new one; upon further inspection the battery was also new. THANK YOU SONY ERICSSON!

For 28AUD, I have no replaced my run down phone with a new one, with a better motherboard, updated firmware, and less junk on it!

Today I also got a haircut...I don't have a presentable photo as I had forgotten to take photos of "before" and "after", it's alot shorter than normal, and I'm not too sure I like it...perhaps I shall play with it to see if I can improve the way it looks via wax...

On the duller side of things, however (yes, in life, there is always a 'however' and 'duller side'), the run down car of mine started to heat up, and smoke/steam started coming out of the engine, so I took it down to a garage to get it serviced. Turns out that: 1) the drum of some sort was leaking petrol, 2) one of the water pipes used to cool the engine was damaged, the hissing was steam, 3) engine was also leaking lubricant. Well...I'm sure lucky that my engine did not catch on fire.

So fellow readers...has any important electronics randomly died on you? Or perhaps a vehicle? Or an appliance you heavily relied your daily life on? If so how did you solve it?


EDIT: I have uploaded a picture of what my hair now looks like...further comments about it would be appreciated :D


  1. You got your phone back, gratz! Well brand new, even better :D

    haha oh that haircut, where did you get it done? :(

    First appliance that died on me that comes to mind is the DS touch screen. There was this one spot in my first DS that couldn't be picked up no matter what angle or how how you press/tap it. It was all fine and dandy until I had a game where that particular spot was needed to pick something up, thus couldn't continue with my game. Solution? Bought a DS lite, LOLOLOL.

  2. Wooo, awesome customer service right there!

    Um, I think the worst electrical appliance to die on me ....was my laptop and my computer screen >>" (NOT AT THE SAME TIME LUCKILY) It was the worst thing ! Umm, solve it? For the computer screen, I just stole my brother's one whilst he wasnt' looking x3

    and the laptop is still screwed up. But we got two new ones instead :)

  3. RE: Rei
    Wow, that sounds like my brother's DS! Must've been annoying. I'm just glad I got a brand new phone <3

    RE: Melody
    AWESOME RIGHT?! I remember back in year 8 my laptop screen died, luckily it was still under warranty!! =D It was fixed but the laptop's so shit i chucked it out.

  4. FFFFF i wish that would happen to me... i really need a new phone D;

    my previous computer died me me while i was trying to quad client a game... the entire motherboard fried and we could smell smoke coming from it. Luckily there was no fire... and it led me to getting a laptop! =D This current laptop, which is on the verge of dying, with its broken hinge and I have no power for it... the screen is kinda dark on one side and i'm sure SOMETHING is gonna die out in less than a month. D;

  5. Ah ! Alan ! I hope you had a backup of your pictures and text messages ! Good that they sent you a new phone though (Y)

    Hmm.. Broken electronics... Our printer broke down just a couple of days ago actually... Need to get a new one. But it's lasted a good six or seven years so it's done its job well. xD

  6. RE: Jay
    You fried your computer motherboard? Didn't think it was actually possible...
    Haha just sign up to a plan to get a new phone :)

    RE: Xin
    I didn back up :(
    I lost heaps of contacts and messages ><
    But on the bright side, you can help me setup the WAP for Uni internet =D

  7. D: bl about your contacts and messages.. D:
    But haha yea I can set up your net for you, if it's the same as mine anyways... Otherwise... Google is the answer (Y)


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