Monday, October 4, 2010

Tuck Your Shirt In!

Yesterday, I was dwelling on the topic: What should I blog about? A very difficult question. Nothing interesting or of note has been happening, or rather, nothing unique. (I apologise Melody, because I did enjoy your birthday gathering!) Most of you bloggers out there would like to blog about your daily life, treat this as an online diary where people can give you feedback about how absolutely interesting your average day had been; some use blogs as a stepping stone into something more being an author, or a journalist. Likewise I have my personal reasons for starting this blog, one of the reasons: entertainment. Why would you sit in front of your LCD screen reading for 5-10 minutes at an absolutely boring blog?

You won't.

And you shouldn't.

So I sat there thinking...and thinking...nothing unique came into mind. Until today, after eating dinner, I had an idea. A light bulb actually glowed above my head...except instead of making a "ding" sound, it made this weird electric/static noise...I should really check the light bulb in my room. Everyone is blogging about how sad it is now that holidays have ended, I shall post about why, we should rejoice.

Despite living in my room day in day out, today, I had an exceptionally good hard look at my study desk. Something just did not look right.

Argh! You can see Maltesers!

I couldn't figure it out... but something about that desk just makes me not want to do any studies. Perhaps this is also what kept me at bay during my week long break. Nevertheless, I decided I shall put my mind to it, and write some comes my dilemma, I turn to my left.

I don't think that's how a shelf is meant to be used...

Hm...I was pretty sure I had exercise books in the bottom slot...but I don't really want to go anywhere near there to look for it. So I turn more to my left.

Reasonably neat compared to this morning, I had a quick fix of it.

No way my notes can be stored in there! That's my wardrobe! But hey that's actually quite clean for once...

I'm not sure what's in there...notes, plushies, comics, clothing, textbooks... that's where my notes are. I stood there looking at the pile of junk. Then, heavens know why, I decided to survey my room again. My room looks like a dumpster. How can I live on a daily basis in this dump? Some actions must be taken. I suddenly remembered the last time this happened, I moved a lot of the junk from my table to my brother's room and set it up on his table, which he doesn't use, thankfully. So out I went, setting out to take a look at how much free space there is left.

You can still see remnants of my stuff in the background, a photo or 2

Much to my horror he had placed Gundam models on his desk. All that beautiful space to put my junk...he used dare he! This is not good, not good at all. I left his room and tried to formulate a plan. That's when I noticed it. My house is in quite a mess. I spent the next 30 minutes trying to find somewhere neat and tidy. Like when I first set up my room, or when I first set up my table downstairs where my desktop lives. At last I found it, one particular segment of a display shelf. Thank you Snoopy, you give me hope that my room and work space, can one day look like that, all neat and tidy...

Ok Snoopy, you win.

So, I hope that we can all learn to thank the end of holidays, as it serves as a reminder for us, that we still need to clean our rooms, workspace, and house. But most of all, we should be thankful for the closing of the holidays, as it bears the sign that the next set of longer lasting holidays is coming.

Fellow readers, how do you react when you notice that your room is starting to look like a complete mess? How do you deal with it?



  1. CLEAN IT UP :V Your place was pretty much black and white till I hit the bottom picture LOL!! BE MORE COLOURFUL.


    Erm. What I do? I TRY AND CLEAN IT :| and I spend more than a day usually cleaning ..cos I get sidetracked by the things I find x3 !

  3. As soon as my room is a mess (or I have a few books on the floor), I turn into a monster and clean EVERYTHING...reminds me I need to dust off my printer once again ~~

  4. LOL. OMG. I dont think I have ever seen that many Snoopy figurines! Woah ..

    Ummm well I tend to be a neat freak when it comes to my room, but when it does get messy I tend to just put some good music on and focus on cleaning it up ;) that usually does the trick !



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