Sunday, September 19, 2010


I now remember why I stopped blogging previously on
I hate blogging without pictures, it makes my blog so dull and un-entertaining. Chunks of text are withstand-able so long as there are a suitable amount of images to compliment them.

Pictures are wonderful, they allow us to observer and visualize what's happening around us. This gives us a sense of security. Why? Why are humans so obsessed with visual aids? Perhaps this has something to do with our dependence on sight as our primary source of information, or maybe it is because when we talk to people, we make a note on their body language and expression, and through today's technological's rather impossible.


Of course this is all upon my personal speculation. Pictures are very open ended unlike text. Text, can be written so that there is utmost clarity, but a picture can always be interpreted in multiple ways. I guess that's why people indulge in visual communication, photography, and fashion.

Let's have a look at photography.
Here is a picture which will be our test, the photographer is me.

This one simple picture of paper roses, depicts paper roses. One may say that the picture was taken for appreciation of the oragami, perhaps it's trying to portray the way artificial objects have begun invading nature, or replacing nature with artifacts. There are many thoughts that may be deduced from this one single picture, yet not a lot can be said about it either...after all, the picture portrays a cropped version of the greater picture, which we cannot view outside our little box. What's under the roses, what's to the left? These questions may never be answered.

Now let's look at the picture again after some alterations via photoshop. I have turned it black and white. Immediately, this has a dramatic effect over the viewers. Suddenly, the picture appears to be some form of memory. Commemoration of a deceased loved one? Celebration of an important event? Or is it just a picture taken by a hopeless romantic? Perhaps one might even, once again, take the faded aspect and link it with the environment.

Countless innovations from a single picture may arise. This is why I love visual communication, photography and just art in general. Alas, these can all be mixed into one. A kind of stop motion, that isn't exactly motion, just a cartoon strip like the ones you find in the entertainment page of the newspaper. But I believe, the reason why I dive into the safety of blogging with pictures is, for the reason why photography was invented in the first place...the ability to revisit memories.

So fellow readers, what are your thoughts on art? What kind of art do you like? Do you personally take the time to be a little creative yourself?



  1. I hate blogging without pictures, as it becomes very boring and uninteresting. My thoughts on art? Well, to be honest, I was never the artistic pr creative person. But photography has always been one of my interests, although I'm still lacking of skills. :)


    As you may already know, my favourite type of art is drawn / manga-styled. Since that's pretty much all I do. I sometimes draw realistic sketches as well, but really not as much. I also like craft. I like making things and putting random thigns together. But actually you might not know this, but I am pretty artistic xD I did all these art subjects (vis com, celebrity&design, graphics communication etc) but I didn't do it in VCE >< " ....parents :(

    But yeah. I love art. But in a way, I'm glad I don't do it as like my work? Because I'd probably hate it then.

    Xanga allowed pictures? I used to upload HEAPS.

  3. RE: Exuvalia
    Thanks for following me! I took a look at your blog and I thought you seem to enjoy photography. Personally I don't believe you need much "skills", it's more what you're trying to capture. Keep it up! I love photography, just don't have the money to purchase the nice cameras.

    RE: Melody
    YES YOU DID...or Vu did...I don't actually recall seeing your pictures. We should draw together one day! I haven't drawn in a long while, I wonder how poorly my pictures will turn out. I wanted to Fashion/Industry Design in University/College, parents never permitted it, now smack bam, here I am studying the brain.
    I always thought it would be better for me to study VC, some of my friends still ask me for help with colour coordination and placement of certain things.

  4. I love art, everytime I look at a photo or painting that catches my eyes I feel awe inspired. I dont have a dslr yet therefore i like to sketch what i see. :)

    P.S cant agree more with the black and white picture and it does look like a hopless romance ;)

    Love this post it got me thinking!

  5. RE: Tam
    Haha, one of the reason why I love art is the way it draws people together, and also reminds us that people think differently, and are individuals as well as a collective. Since you're inspired, I hope to see some great works of art on your blog soon!

  6. I so love pictures and cannot blog without them :D What I love about pictures is that it captures so much and I save so many for hilarity, puns, art, prettiness, etc. But my god I love art so much :3 did it all the way up to Year 10 before VCE kicked in lol.
    Love to take pictures of real life too just to capture the essence of that moment because really, you can't go back to it, so might as well capture it while you can and then can look at it in the future. Memories are important to me :] even if I'm behind the camera. I take a look of the photo and remember how I felt while capturing it, coz yeah, I'm not camera material :D LOL


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