Thursday, September 9, 2010

To Any 1

My favourite Korean band has released a new album and boy do they look different!

It was last year when they first debuted and last year after releasing their first album that I fell in love with them. They have yet to release a song that I don't like. New outfits, hairstyles this time
Dara got rid of her stupid broom like haircut, dyed it red and curled it slightly. Bom still looks adorable, except she dyed her hair a bright red colour. What outraged me most was CL's blond hair...blond...I could hardly recognise her...

At least Minzy remains awesome.

The crew here

My favourite Minzy

The still adorable Bom

CL...what have you done?

Dara not much to say

So what does everyone think of their new look and new album?
The album is called:



  1. I don't know 2NE1 all that well because I'm not into Kpop as you know, lol. But hey, looks pretty cool and I respect all that they do and know they're good.
    I only just have mental scars of chest popping.... -.-

  2. i like ur blog and follow hope u like my blog and follow

  3. @Selim
    Thanks! and I will do so.

    chestpops =3 you need moar of them

  4. I don't know them either since I don't like kpop anymore Dx I grew out of the whole K fandom a long time ago Hahaha~

    But I think the blonde hair looks nice on her D;

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