Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Turning the Page

Life. It's such a mysterious phenomenon, in fact, one can argue it would be the most mysterious phenomenon that has occurred throughout recorded and even predated history. Once life is born it fights to preserve itself for a long time, until it perishes, either by its own doing or by nature's harsh punishment. However, before this life ceases, life is born from it, creating a seemingly endless cycle of life. Til the Apocalypse...but I will save that for another day. This life is full of surprise, joy, anger, regret...but it would always trudge on; and likewise, the life I lead trudges on, through this vicious cycle called, as humans have termed it, emotions. This 'emotion' or rather 'emotions' keep our lives interesting and give us an excuse to open our eyes to the light of day, or, for some, the artificial neon lights of night. But what happens when you're bored of this cycle?

To escape this cycle I've decided to turn a new page in the book, especially fitting, I thought, to welcome the coming spring from my town.

Who doesn't like a fresh start? A fresh life? least my first post appears to live up to the title of this blog, a drop of serenity.


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