Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dropping By

As far as the life of a university student go, this is the time where assignments and assessments roll in...right before the mid-semester break. This time means EXAMS are right around the corner. Is your average uni student happy? Not at all. This means study, cramming, bullshitting all mixed into the next 5 or so weeks of life. So the approach one should take to deal with the stress?

Pui's Not-So-Trustworthy Guide to Studying

1) Make notes on each of your subjects. Write down stacks of information...and stacks of information...and stacks of them.

This will Kill You

2) Draw diagrams on your stacks of notes...

My oh my...

3) Look at your diagram in disgust then consider cartoon-ify it...


4) Upon comparing the diagram and your cartoon, you should now realise they have absolutely no resemblance with each other. On another note, you'll realise that out of your frustration from taking the stack of notes, your picture is missing part of his/her head or foot or something like that. You now should agitated and have an ugly looking face, if not, go back to step 1.

I Sure was Agitated!

5) If all goes well, you should then merge your diagram and your picture together, in most cases, using the diagram to complete your picture. Huge satisfaction will be granted and a decrease of IQ should also incur.


I hope you all enjoyed my tutorial on studying!

So fellow readers, how do you study if you still study? How do you cope with assignments and exams?



  1. HAHAHAHA, oh I loved the combination at the end. I just make notes and study them. If I'm unsure, then google is my friend, or go back to lectures and restudy. Weeeeeee, I hate this time of year :( Kill me.

  2. Hahaha, I liked how you merged both pictures together. When I study, I tend to write notes. But if the notes aren't neat enough, I re-write them again. When I'm finally done with everything, I have no time to study because I spent most of my time making my notes 'perfect'. That explains why I'm not probably coping well with assignments and examinations.

  3. Hahaha I feel so honoured that your picture was based off of me ^^v

  4. Hahahahahhaa xD

    Aw man. How do I study? I CRAM. I CRAM REALLY BADLY. But um, cramming means taking notes. And if I'm a lazy girl at that time, this usually just means COPYING THE LECTURE SLIDES ON TO PAPER. :(


  5. This is the BEST studying guide I've seen in a very very long time. I'm afraid that if I apply it to my subjects, I will:

    [1] be unable to cartoony-fy my notes/diagrams as they would be flowcharts for Audit & Assurance Services

    [2] Taxation Laws & Pension and Financial Planning will involve legislation and equations that make no sense whatsoever and thus lack of drawings.

    On another note, that is my way for study:

    [1] Make weekly notes (half-way or at the end of the week)
    [2] Study in the library with friends ~ or just gossip your life out
    [3] Freak out
    [4] Re-do Tutorial questions
    [5] Do Past Exams
    [6] Freak out
    [7] Freak out more

  6. LOL nice pic tho despite the lack of studying done...

    Well, I find that cramming does help A LOT... assuming you dont need what you just learnt for anything in your life whatsoever... otherwise there is no hope but to actually study and write notes, summary. Looking at past exams helps familiarise yourself with the types of questions that may be asked. I've had an exam where 50% was based from the previous year's. But hey, I study IT, so probably a lot easier to cram for than behavioural neuroscience XD

  7. haha winging it is the way to go!

  8. HAHAHA. I will make sure I look like a troll by the end of my studies.


    I try and get a general feel of everything the week before, then in the last few days, work intensively on it.

    Do note the key word used here - intensive. :3

  9. Thanks for the comment guys.
    Cramming, Winging I've tried them all...
    Apart from actually studying :(

    Tip to all of you, WIKIPEDIA and GOOGLE SCHOLAR is possibly the best thing to use EVER

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  11. Incredible. I'm sure that that is how the real masters study

    I am Fickle Cattle.


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