Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Formal Wear

It's been a while since my last post, I apologize for not updating earlier due to gaming...

Anyway, what has been happening in the life of this average teenager? Not much really. Rushing last minute assignments, checking myself out in the mirror, late nights and gaming. Pretty standard. There has been a particular change though, a formal event is coming through along with holidays just around the corner.

Now, last year, I was constantly harassed for "dressing too formally" everyday at university, when I'm heading out to a party, or just to chill in the city with a hand full of friends. Personally, I disagree, smart wear makes everyone looks just that much better! Honestly though, I didn't dress that formal, just smart casual:

What I generally wore on a day to day basis last year

Now, with so much crap coming from everyone last year, I decided that during my overseas trip I'd tone down a bit and wear some more casual wear. Now this is the kind of fashion sense I have on a daily basis...actually it really depends on my mood!

Like the change? I'm not sure myself, I do dress like last year from time to time and sometimes I do dress like your average guy, just to fit in with my description of "just another average guy". But what I believe people would like to see and comment on is not the everyday fashion sense, rather how someone looks like when they actually wear formal wear...or for a guy...SUIT UP!

Now, as I'm typing this I'm contemplating on whether I should post up a picture of me in a suit last year and the give you a sneak peak of what I would be wearing this year... I think I'll just give you the sneak peak =]

Sneak Peak!

I apologize for the dodgy-ness of the photograph, it was exceptionally hard to position the timer, let alone get the right focus, so please make do with it for now. I actually had to rush to put the blazer on...hence my shirt is kind of's called a sneak peak! Stop trying to pick out the faults!!

I'm going to end the blog with one more picture Just to demonstrate my greatness and the fact that I do occasionally dress like a casual guy.

Awesomeness? Right in the centre.

So fellow readers, what do you wear daily? Formal? Smart casual? Or just casual? Perhaps you don't wear any more than your undergarment ;)



  1. I don't think you should dress based on what others tell you to; I think you should dress how you want to. You don't need to dress down for the sake of others. Or wear more "casual". In my opinion, if they want to wear casual, let THEM wear the casual. You know?

    I dress depending on how much time I have in the morning x3 ! Or depending on the day. Ie, if I know I'm going out to the city or something, I'll dress a little bit better than what I would wear to a bludge day at uni.

    Anyways, I think you look good in what you wore last year and this year. :D

  2. RE: Melody
    Those were my thoughts until it got relle annoying. I decided to try something different, so I have no set style this year...if anything I'm just "FOB". But I still love dressing nicely ^___^

    I reckon your outfits are adorable, I wish I had that many a guy ><

  3. Yours clothes are cool Alan dw about that XD I could see the difference b/w last year and this year yes, but you still have a really good fashion sense.
    Way better than mine :P My clothes are so limited and every time I want something new, there's always just no sizes left. WHERE HAVE THEY ALL GONE? ONLY XS AND L ARE LEFT. Does that mean I could have good fashion sense if I could get my hands on the things everyone buys? ;_;
    But yeah, mine's pretty much plain and simple, and not fashionable at alllll coz really, nothing fits my image :D -super, super vain- and yeah, I wear that jacket everyday because it's colddddddd and I get cold easily. Just that inside always changes and no one notices and thinks I swear the same thing. But hey, I love hoodies :] *needs new shoes*

  4. aww don't let others tell you what not to wear! wear whatever "suits" your mood.. haha get it? oh lame joke >_< I think what you wear on a day to day basis is totally fine, wish more guys dressed like that! Looking very sharp there with your suit ^_^


  5. I personally think guys in formal wear is mega awesome! I'm actually trying to convert my bf into formal wear and telling him its OKAY to wear slacks and business shirt out to dinner and movie haha I dont think there is such thing as being too formal for guys. Love your style :))

  6. RE: Rei
    I heard Kim found you some shoes! Or do you mean sneakers? I reckon we should dedicate one day to let me clean your wardrobe...for spring/early summer fashion :) (no excuse for wearing a coat anymore) Oh, and do walk outside of the changing room for us to see!!

    RE: Helen
    Lame jokes are great! Never disrespect lame jokes, one time I spent laughing for 10 minutes at the same 1 joke because it was so lame...
    I guess I first decided to dress nicely because people my age weren't and it meant I stood out, I think it's more to do with me wanting to stand out. >___<

    RE: Tam
    Thanks Tam! I strongly believe in converting guys to dress in 'formal' wear. I have 2 close friends who constantly dress in tees and trackies, actually took them shopping the other day and for the first time one of them bought a shirt and tie under my recommendation ^____^ I'm looking forward to seeing him wear it. Good luck converting your boyfriend!


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