Saturday, September 25, 2010

No new updates

Late blogs. Don't you hate them? Here you are expecting a blog update from a much appreciated author...but the post is late. And there you are sitting there waiting for them to post. Maybe in the evening, you reassure yourself. But this is no more than a false sense of security. There was no blog posted up at 7:00pm...9:00pm...11:00pm... Then it dawns on you. The blog you were looking forward to reading is not just late by a few's late by a day or two. At this point you scream for help, for something to drop a bit of liveliness into your otherwise dull and boring day. In a frenzy, you reread everything the person has posted, every other blog you read, manga, comics, but none of that seems to satisfy you. You need that new blog, you don't even know what it is but you need it, you yearn it.

When everything seems hopeless, and you get discouraged, fate seems to be nice to you and taunts you. An update from that author: "Sorry about the lateness of this post, I'm really tired/can't be bothered/you can just wait/lol sucker/partying. I'll post the details later". Beads of sweat roll down your forehead, what does this mean? Does this mean in another 2-5 hours? Perhaps they mean to give them 10 hours of sleep before a post will be updated onto the site. Then again they just theoretically blogged and gave a status update, maybe you'll have to wait another 2 days to hear from them. You're nervous and you're going crazy. Suddenly your life seems much bleaker. Well it figures, you spend most of your lives glued to blogs and manga.

Sadly, I have become one of those authors. I'm too tired and I do need to sort out some photos, but to be less annoying and a more fun loving/audience interactive author of this blog. I'll give you a sneak preview of what has been putting a halt to my sleep, and one of many more potential photos that you may see within the next 26 hours, when I release my next blog. For now, enjoy!

Polish that shoe my king, polish it!

Fellow readers, do you hate late updates? Perhaps just in manga, or your favourite net comic. Do you get disappointed because you wait for a update from my blog and it never comes?



  1. HAHAHAHA Oh you Pui Pui xDDDDDD
    Regards to the questions, not so much hate late updates, just feel a little disappointed and tend to refresh the page, and/or randomly click on the other blogs I have in hopes of something new a refreshing to read. Manga I don't mind either because I read a lot and sometimes have those moods where I don't feel like reading them at the time and put them off.
    Usually this big blog spread we all have, we update fairly regularly, so I am not disappointed all too much if we don't blog from time to time. We all need breaks, we can all feel lazy. Heck, look at me, own 2-3 blogs, dA, MB, MAL, etc and don't keep any of it up to date. I am the one I'm most disappointed in :D

  2. Late updates make me feel so sad.
    I need entertainment in my life.
    And reading blogs is so interesting.
    Sometimes I re-read blog entries while waiting for the new one/s to be posted up. :(

    I need to update about last night too ..probably later after I upload my photos >>" I need to change the colour of them too since FLASH made them so ugly urghhhhhh RAGERAGERAGE.



    I agree that late updates suck, especially if it's a manga cliffhanger or something of the likes.


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