Sunday, November 28, 2010


If you have noticed, I have skipped blogs...I'll do my best to refrain from doing that in the future. Here is a great explanation as to why this incident occurred: overwhelmed by work shifts, gatherings, sickness, errands, homework correction, and plain dissatisfaction of life...unfortunately, is what has been on my back the entire week. However, the biggest culprit of them all is the complete lack of motivation and ideas for an entertaining post.

To keep up the regulation of new post ideas, I have been taking pictures of things of interest, and have done things I usually would not have.

First thing I tried to do was introduce a plushie (bought from Hong Kong Disneyland) into my car of almost 3 weeks old.

Despite being absolutely adorable, this did not give me further incentive to create an entire story around it.

And so life trudged on...

Upon pondering and pondering and many more hours of this useless pondering, I have decided to dedicate this post to my close group of friends.

Life contains 3 groups important people in your life:
  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Mentors

Unarguably the group of people that would impact you the most throughout your entire lifetime. Born into a family, good or bad, would ultimately affect your entire life. Your future family, after settling down with a partner, would once again mature you, enlightening you with new perspectives as a husband/wife or parent or being an in-law.

Leaders in your life, can be both friend and/or family or neither. This group of people will guide you in society within your profession or workplace. They are of utmost importance in assisting to shape the entire community and country.

The 2 groups above, are important, and both provide great impact on your life, but the group I want to focus on are friends.

Assuming one had grown up in an average healthy household, with an average loving family, their friends (or lack of it) would be the greatest determining factor of their persona and how they react towards different situations; placing friendship above the importance of mentors and right under the importance of family.

Throughout one's life time friends and acquaintances come and go as they mature and grow up, refining their interests and beliefs. Friends join together when common ground is found, and take their leave as beliefs are drawn further apart. I firmly believe that as we grow older, we would have less and less friends. Not because we become hated, not because they die off due to illness and old age, but because these friends would be the true and loyal to your relationship with them.They share common ground and common beliefs, but most of all, they would have become a secondary family.

I adore this extra family of mine from university. Despite appearing mindless, blond, and saying absolutely the most retarded things and asking the dumbest questions, when working together are extremely efficient. Having our studies as our common ground, and absolutely contrasting beliefs, I found it hard to believe that we can have so much fun together.

Then it occurred to me. Our common ground lies further than just our interest for studies, our south-east asian heritage; our trust in one another is our common ground. A particular one of them goes so far as to trusting me to disappoint him, and I assure you, his trust was not misplaced. Common beliefs was not non-existent, belief was always there between us, the belief that everyone is as transparent as they make themselves to appear to be.

So I thank this special group of family I have. For unknowingly brightening my week, just for being themselves.



  1. i am amazed at how there are no drawings here what so ever =o

    and ngawwwwwwwwwwwwww <3

  2. Totally my favourite post of yours ^^
    We adore you too Alan <3
    We're all one, big, extended family XD

  3. LOL. this may have been the only post of urs i have read. haha. <3 and the mindless blond ur talking about is totally Sinki chyeahhh?! :D <3

  4. bwahahha <3

    it's all of us kathleen

    we're all mindless blonds deep inside

  5. What a great post!! It seems to me you have a great and awesome group of friends ^^ Friends are, as you say, family in a way, especially when you live away from home...

  6. RE: bibi

    yeah they're very important, so you should also be careful of who you pi ck as your friends D=

    RE: HangukSnorlax

    D=...i do...but i dono what to say cuz i dont share the same passion :(

  7. Very sweet post! Friendship is amazing and you are very blessed to have such great extended family :)

  8. Tsss don't hate on my low quality picture! :p
    I did say it wasn't an awardwinning photograph... T.T

    Orange lighting is because of orange streetlights, for more white you should check my previous post ^^


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