Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lazy Days

Although I have been using beautifully drawn long comics to describe my average life, I have decided to use photographs for this post. I believe this post rightfully deserves the photographs.

I believe that it is safe to assume that the majority of you have finished exams by now and of course, to de-stress after all those stressful days: after exam party! ...Or outings... I have chosen the latter. After all, what better way is it for people to bond and relax than through the mutual love for a good meal?

A Representation of One's Stress-Free Day

So to depict a typical "after exams stress free day", I have personally volunteered to reenact the entire process. And offered tips to avoid during days like these.

So like any other holiday, one would sleep in until the time for the miraculous "brunch", and that I followed suit, and woke up at 10:30. Did my toiletries, and felt pretty bright about myself...and felt pretty hungry. I halted and then contemplated my next actions, trying to depict as accurately as possible: the typical brunch of a college kid. Toast, was decided as the perfect median, and I think we all agree, that a typical Asian college student living in a Western country would have eaten this on a regular day of brunch.

However, I made a fatal tactical error. I had decided to make toast without the modern technological aid of a toaster. As someone who does not eat breakfast or brunch on a daily basis, or even a weekly basis, the following picture is what would happen if you leave a piece of bread in the grill for too long.

Hmmm burnt toast

Not cool. So this time I decided to babysit the grill so I can add the cheese on it to achieve my delicious brunch.

Perfect crispy golden brown toast with cheese

And it was successful.

Tip 1: Do not ever try to make toast without the aid of a toaster, and then forget about it in the grill for 10 minutes.


That same evening, there was a dinner event to celebrate the finishing of exams and a feeble attempt to destroy the trauma of the exams. We had chosen a HK style restaurant and ordered our respective dishes, a mixture of chinese, japanese, HK-style, malaysian, and italian cuisine.

My Dish. HK style

Chinese style omulet on rice.

I'm not actually sure which style this is, but if you look hard enough, there's a massive piece of chicken hidden there.

Unfortunately I only took a few photos to represent what was being devoured mercilessly at the dinner table that eventful evening. Fascinated by my dish (first picture), I had decided it was the most visually appealing dish out of everything that everyone ordered. However, with ever ups there must be downs, my precious friend decided to ruin my joy by telling me it looked like spew. Thank you, oh dear friend, but I've never spewed out spaghetti before in my entire short lived 19 years.

Tip 2: When one remains fascinated about the visual appearance of one's food, their friend would most likely ruin one's appetite out of sheer jealousy.


Proceeding dinner conversations, dessert was up at Pancake Parlour.

This delicacy costs $27.90 AUD

We told by the waitress that the 8 of us were very "involved" in devouring this delicacy.

I wonder why...

Tip 3: When sharing food, please do it in a civilized manner to prevent gazes of disgust and wonder from other tables.


If you have sincerely felt that this was a complete waste of your time. I apologise, but I, too, felt like my entire day was wasted, not to mention that I most definitely gained a few pounds.

So readers, what do you do when you finished exams and what kind of food do you like to indulge yourself in to relief the stress?


ps. I'm trying to see how many different kinds of clothing that I can wear and not look disgusting.What do you think of this?

Me in a singlet...I don't think I'm buff enough


  1. i can't believe you burnt toast... who the hell burns toast so badly!?

  2. if you dont mind sharing may i ask where is that yummy dessert? I must hunt it down. The spaghetti looks nice like those at dessert house

  3. Man I pity that piece of bread XD It's like molten larva or something hahaha

    What was that dish you ordered anyway? I don't think I've eaten it before. Hmmm I don't think I've even seen it before :O BUT YUMMMM that parfait thing sure looks good :D

    As for the answer to your question, I guess I'd usually catch up with friends and do some retail therapy or reward ourselves with good food. I like to stay home to cook and bake as well, try out different recipes, then EAT IT ALL UP!

    (Oh and no I don't get hay fever muahaha and yeh I go to Monash)

  4. RE: Kim
    D=... I'm primitive ;A;

    RE: Tam
    We ate at Star East Cafe at Glen Waverly near Century Walkway. The dessert is Colossal, available at all Pancake Parlours

  5. RE: Min
    I'm so jealous of your lack of hayfever, I ordered some creamy sauce with tuna on spaghetti (alan's simplified version of things)

  6. thank you Pui! will drop by pancake parlours very soon

  7. Hahaha, I like telling my friend that their meal looks like spew. I get some satisfaction out of it somehow. Anyway, when I finish examinations, I tend to just laze at home like a couch potato. Nothing very exciting, aye? And I tend to eat snacks to relief my stress. :P

  8. >.> hmmm... it looks like you have a buffalo hump in your pic, a symptom of cushings syndrome :3. So, what style of clothing is next?

    btw, if you havent heard yet, i did a cam whoring session this week; it was disgustiong.... but the pictures are pretty. Will post soon when my sample size hits 50 ^_____^

  9. whoa i've never seen toast burnt so much.
    well done!

  10. Have you tried killing someone with that toast? It looks hard as a rock... ^.^ Second try looks a lot better though!
    I don't think the food looks ├╝ber-bad. Maybe the omurice... hmm yes.. ^.~ I hope dessert made up for it!

    To answer your question: I didn't have exams the past few weeks, simply because school here is organised differently from anywhere else, so it seems -___- But I usually sleep after my exams have ended. A nice long sleep...

    New follower here! Keep on posting, I like your way of writing ^.^

  11. RE: exuvalia
    =O why would you tell people their food looks like spew, why do you gain satisfaction :( NTS: not to ever dine with you xD

    RE: tb
    Nah i think it's just the angle..... i'm awaiting ur camwhoring pictures =3

    RE: sammigurl
    =O well, i'm kind of it doesn help

    RE: bibi
    welcome to my blog ^__^ i'm glad my content brings fascination to other readers :D
    i tried throwing my first piece of toast to my dogs...they didn't eat it so i binned it

  12. Thanks for your comment and following me back ^.^ Appreciate it!

    I'm a uni-student, but here in Belgium exams are in January and in June...

    Haha, yeah, some of the songs were new to me too. I like discovering new music, so I was really glad my followers were so enthousiastically sharing their suggestions...

  13. HAHAHAHA, you sexy eyes :DDDDDDD

  14. The Colossal: FUCK YOU FUCKING CUSTOMERS WHO ASK ME TO MAKE ONE FOR YOU 10MINS BEFORE CLOSE WHEN EVERYTHING IS CLEAN ~!!! >:( *sorry had to vent about stupid customers I get*

    Now, brunch is made up of Bruscetta salmon eggs and wine. NOT TOAST~!

    That is all <3

  15. haha nice food but LOL! at the burnt toast >O<


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