Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shut your trap

Events in the holidays for a majority of us college kids? I figured that Movie Marathon or similar events would be one of the most hit activities held indoors in the time of holidays. After all, how many would you would find it a delight to head out in the hazardous Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) weather where it would hail, become extremely sunny reaching a top of 24 degrees Celsius before bucket down rain again in the matter of 1 and a half hours. This was also a repetitive cycle on that particular, it's actually a viable ice breaking conversation here in Melbourne.

As a responsible representative of your average population, I did the honours in attending a movie-afternoon-to-whenever-you-people-decide-to-leave event at a friend's house. Having experienced that I have a few things I like to discuss and a few tips to deal with events that are similar.

Body Pains
Although the name of the event does not suggest it, body pains is certainly in the terms and conditions with movie marathons or what ever marathon you are holding. Long hours of sitting still without moving around and staring at one direction whilst straining one's neck and eyes is the main culprit and a prerequisite for these events.

Don't be fooled by this seemingly relaxing posture.

In hope to find a solution for this treacherous inconvenience, our hero (or representative), attempted to do star jumps in front of the screen to loosen up tense muscles. This was accompanied by food appraisal from the rest of the audience, chips, biscuits, and assorted dry food would come flying in said person's direction. Grunts, boos and irritated voices would most likely be heard from the audience.


So uh...the tip here is to avoid doing any stupid movements, especially if they're large notable movements which interfere with the audiences viewing pleasure. If you still intend to, bring a large bag or container to salvage the dry food projectiles, it is a great way to loot snacks.

This one here is a tricky one. When you're in a group of good friends, one would feel comfortable with voicing his or her opinion with a particular topic (fatal mistake). However, in the cinema, one must shut the fuck up or comment on the topic in a subtle then, what happens when this movie or show is watched with that group of good friends at one's home?

I have gathered from my experience that there are acceptable comments and unacceptable comments. For ease of assess, I have provided examples:

It is cute indeed.

Correct comment!

The puppy was shown to die 3 times.


Tip? I don't have one, I live in constant fear of making the wrong comment at the wrong time.

My conclusion? Movie marathons are a life threatening and stressful experience, movies should be watched separately and not bunched up in one. Why it is such a hot event is beyond my comprehension; nevertheless, I will continue to put my life at risk and attend these events.

Fellow readers what do you enjoy doing indoors with friends during holidays? Do you have any tips you would like to add to my list of what not to do during movie/series marathon?



  1. Oh, yes. The 'body pains'. I always get them and feel so uncomfortable in my seat, as a result. *rolls eyes* How horrible!

    Hmm, sometimes my friends will come over and watch 'dramas' with me. We've proposed an idea to bake together, but so far, it hasn't happened yet. Apart from that, we do the rest of our activities outdoors.

  2. Haha. My high school girl friends and I always have movie marathons but we always find it okay to get up and move around the rest of the house if we're feeling tired.

    And maybe because they're all kind of similar to me? We're the group that says "Why he is still alive?" LOL.

    But yeah, at most we usually only watch two movies. With breaks in between. Breaks = Food time.

  3. I get dopey after 3 movies like my head just feels blah. *brain dead*
    I usually play board games with friends. I have no idea what else to do that does not require a television.

  4. Now you have a reputation to uphold with 'Ruining Moments in Movies' ....

    But i beg you to not keep it up D=

  5. You should movie marathon at home in a comfy seat! Then no one really cares if you start walking around halfway the marathon to stretch your legs :P (just say you go get some popcorn or a drink or something)

  6. LOL "Why is it still alive" what have you been watching D;

    Usually if its with friends, they don't really care that you're making smartass comments as long as you keep it to a minimal. You wouldn't wanna be labelled as the Movie Ruiner and never get invited again XD

  7. LOLOL I'm sure his friends would love to continue inviting him, they'll possibly hear MORE interesting comments XD
    Haha comments such as "Why is it stil alive" may ruin the moment that the movie is trying to portray, but they make the actual moment infinitely more memorable ^^

  8. MOVIE NIGHTS ARE AWESOME :P I suggest cuddles and lots of nachos....irrelevant post I agree

  9. I love movie marathons. The only problem is one of us always falls asleep and then it becomes a "How Many Things Can We Draw on Her" marathon. Each person that falls asleep is a new target! >:D


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