Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sick :(

There's going to be a clear deviation from usual content today, and I sincerely apologise, but Pui is currently extremely sick. A mixture of G.A.S. building to a cold/flu and continued after exams, mixed with newly added hayfever is not the best mixture one can have...I actually feel like I'm dying.

So I have decided to discuss the statement "what goes up must go down".

1. Newton's Laws
For all you who have successfully passed year 10 science, and actually remember. Newton's first law was of gravity. Upon having an apple fall on his head, that scientist suddenly decided it was the right time to "discover" gravity and coin the term which everyone was already familiar with.

Here's a little animation depicting the occurrence. [Click to see animation]

For some reason, it feels like it was all Newton's fault. If that guy didn't "discover" this gravity perhaps we'd be able to float around already, perhaps what ever rises up "doesn't" have to eventually come back down. Good one Newton, you just ruined everyone's childhood dreams of free flying.

Everyone's childhood dream is to fly.

Pui's Tip: To defy Newton's Law of gravity, propel an object as high as possible, such as a space shuttle attached to a rocket. Once you've deviated from the Earth's gravitational pull, you're in a zero gravity zone: there are no ups nor downs.

2. Holiday Parable
Few have used this example to argue. Imagine you're house is at the bottom of a big mountain, one day you decided it'd be great to go on a hike and climb to the top of the mountain. After doing so, and enjoying the scenery around you, you would have to eventually pack up and return home to the bottom of the mountain.

Good luck.
 A very realistic example...however, for everyone who believes in heaven and hell, you were just told you're house is permanently situated in hell and you can occasionally climb up to heaven for a nice relaxing holiday before having to be cast back into the depths of hell where you shall forever reside. Good luck on your path to heaven.

Oh the agony!

Pui's Tip: When you go on holidays, sell your house and take everything you need, you're going to build a house on that mountain, just to defy this realistic example. Show them the realistic idea of loving the scenery so much that one would permanently live in that environment.

3. Yin-Yan Theory of Balance
Some people believe in "balance" of the universe. Where there is good, there must be evil. Where there is sound, there must be silence. Where there is heaven, there must be hell. Balance is essential for everything to function properly in this universe. So whatever goes up must come down.


A very logical explanation, until you have a look at this from a different view. Orange, is the complete opposite of blue. It's all very good when the symbol of balance is composed of black and white..but when you think about it again it feels silly. Where there is blue there must be orange? Where is the logic in that? Some people are colour blind you know!

Mudkips: alive to defy all logic. I heard you like them.

Pui's Tip: If there is man, there must be woman. Draw attention to hermaphrodites and transsexuals, chances are they'll be too disgusted to continue the conversation. If they bring up the fact that there's a black circle within the white part of the symbol, pretend to become emotional and talk about how Pluto was once a planet and have now been degraded into the moon if not just a lump of stray meteorite. Where is the justice? Where is the balance now?

So to all of you who live in constant fear that when you feel happy, you're going to feel sad soon...

I was going to draw unicorns but I got tired.

That only really happens when you're on Magic Mushrooms.

So readers, can you add to my list? Or perhaps you disagree, heck I'm just dizzy right now from medication x].



  1. i keep telling you to take better care of yourself! D=

    and we're not moving to the mountains =.= btw... i was expecting unicorns ;A;

  2. Uhm... You high on medication? So much thinking... All very right though, but still... So much thinking o.O

    Still, I really enjoyed reading your tips, esp the last one: "If there is man, there must be woman. Draw attention to hermaphrodites and transsexuals, chances are they'll be too disgusted to continue the conversation." Moeha, I'm going to remember this one ^.^

    Take good care of yourself!!

  3. I salute you for writing up a post even though you're sick! I'm also blown away by the amount of thought you've put in for all your posts. They're awesome Alan :)

  4. Would be very nice of you if you helped your girlfriend out ^.^

    Message to your girlfriend: It isn't the easiest thing to begin with, but practice makes perfect... And before this week I've never used it before, so she'll be able to control it pretty fast too ^.^


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