Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Very Sad Day

During the exam period, for me I might include (as I'm sure most of you are still in this exam phase), I had no vehicle to use and had to get a good friend to pick me up and drop me off as we studied the same course. After a long day of studying at the anatomy lab at university, we decided to reward ourselves with a popular Asian drink: Bubble Tea. It's pretty much ice milk tea with 'pearls' (actually large black sago) but due to pop culture, many other variations have arose, such as flavouring of the milk tea, added jelly, pudding, fruit bits. For the sake of ease, the place we went to was known as Happy Cup

This picture was actually taken  by my girl to draw attention to the place known as "ONG ONG"

It did not look promising at all. Disregarding the many non 'bubble tea' related icons such as an obvious 'chuppa chup' hand bag and clothing in the background, they had also included a nonexistant place as a place of origin for 'bubble tea'. "ONG ONG" certainly does not ring a bell. Macau, yes, Taipei, yes. Ong Ong? After further contemplation I had realised this was meant to read "HONG KONG". Are you actually trying to destroy my place of birth and origin, my culture and my heritage?

After much expressed anger towards each other, my friend and I finally entered the shop to place our order.

Know the feeling when you are overwhelmed by your complete ignorance to the menu of a store you've never been into? Because the owners restaurants can't just simply write "Steak with seasonal beans with gravy"? They have to dress it up in fancy foreign languages until you have trouble identifying the actual dish. My attempted example is as of follows: "Thick juicy slice of calf leg sizzled baked fried then grilled with a hint of carbonet sauvingon, olive oil peanut oil and a dash of vegetable oil, cooked til al dante accompanied with seasonal salad, mashed potatoes and topped with chef's special gravy prepared with the finest ingredients". Can you even cook meet to be al dante? Is that not a term used to describe pasta? I'll save that for another post.

Back to the story, having been awestruck for several minutes, we finally decided to place our order: a 'sumo' and milk tea with 'love fruit'. We decided to pick them out of our curiosity, but we both secretly know it's an attempt to mix in well with pop culture. Bad choice. Sumo turned out to be green tea flavoured milk tea (so that's like double tea?) with red bean in it; love fruit turned out to be multi-coloured jelly. Ha. Pop culture.

Feeling rather dissatisfied, we went back into the car and began our trip home. At about half way (due to multiple distractions such as driving in circles as a result of our arguments about directions), my friend (who was driving at the time)  had finished her milk tea but still had her 'love fruit' stuck at the bottom.

Friend: I can't get my jelly out.
Me: Try move the straw over it.

At this point I laughed at my friend, and said that her sad days are of such simple worries; then proceeded to  raised awareness to problems in the third world countries like a good mature university student. But secretly I agree with her: The day your love fruit fails to love you is a very very sad day indeed.

Fellow readers, do you submit to pop culture? How sad are your very sad days?



  1. haha, i see you have taken my advice on board~! i likes the improvement in your pictures ^____^

    and has taken you point on board, NEVER go to happy cup....
    (i thought love fruit was a thing in itself...)

  2. OI DONT CALL ME YOUR GIRL >.> ... and oh geez... i lo at you and ant


  4. Your pictures are improving drastically! Good job, good job. Loving them! Anyway, I laughed at the 'Ong Ong' bit and couldn't figure out what it was meant to say until you mentioned 'Hong Kong'. But generally, I don't tend to submit much to Pop culture. Eww to that. And as for my sad days, they are pretty bad. I go all depressive, and sometimes, think negatively for the whole day.

  5. Hahahah.
    I love that Happy Cup! But that's because, it was the place of my high school days :D <3 I usually order Love Fruit Blended Ice with Grape Jelly. SO SOUR BUT SO GOOD. :D

    And better pics! You should watermark them so they aren't stolen by mean people on the internets :)

  6. RE: Tony
    Yes i have used circular heads for my stick figures rather than oval shaped ones D=, i'm actually beginning to contemplate on drawing proper drawings

    RE: Kim
    You are my girl. Nothing will change that <3

    RE: Seb
    D= yes yes it was indeed a very sad day :(

    re: Marie
    hehe a few of my friends were complaining about the lack of quality from my pictures. yeah ongong took a while for me to decode too :( don't be so depressive, eat some chocolate :D

    re: Melody
    =D i quite like the shop because it smells nice ^___^contemplating on drawing nicer pics so i guess i'll start watermarking them then D=
    kim bought me love fruit in taro milk tea, tastes alot better than i thought =OOO

  7. whuahahah, "i can't get my jelly out" I say that allll the time when I'm drinking bbtea xD

  8. sumo tastes good because it has red bean in it. ANYTHING with red bean taste good. red bean from a can on rice is the best.

  9. Bubble tea is a luxury drink, $3-4 is pricy.

    I thought ONG ONG refers to an ingredient orz

  10. LOL hahahaha! i love love love your posts, the little pictures that you use to describe everything make it that much more AWESOME !
    mmmmmm I am always so scared to try new "bubble tea" stores because I dont want it to ruin the real bubble tea for me >.< .. at least i know not to go here ? so i guess thats a win ! haha ^.^
    Mmmmm on occasions i submit to pop culture, but only if its for the greater good of man kind ! LOL my sad days are way to hard to describe haha


  11. RE: Elisa
    =OOO relle but but but pearls are so much bettter!!

    RE: Karen
    >.> u have weird tastes in food D=

    ER: may
    =O ong ong was mystery... a great one but now that i have figured it out GRRRRRR......

    RE: jahnice
    =D it's comforting to kno people love my blog ^____^ hoho bubble tea is not ruined at that store, dont worry! but don't get sumo...


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