Friday, October 22, 2010

Sheer Stupidity

First off, thanks to all my readers for your encouragement, and your enjoyment of my silly blogs will continue to inspire me. Second of all, I have decided to reschedule my "Conversations Behind the Wheel" post to a later date.

Why? Well, sometime during the past few months, I was on a random high, and so I've dug up an archived story written during that period of time. As such, I have decided we shall all journey into the mind of your average college student and the insight into his creativity during times of altered states of consciousness... (WARNING: during the story, I was telling it through an MSN conversation, meaning there was an original audience who made some requests, so I shall narrate using square brackets [like this]. IQ will most definitely decrease after this post, proceed at own risk)

Why/How the Donkey Ate the Frog

Once upon a time, in a very colourless world, there was a donkey. His name was...KEY! Now, Key was a VERY GOOD DONKEY...VERY GOOD DONKEY AND HE HAD 2 EYES!! AND 4 LEGS!! But no ears, on second thoughts...NO HE HAS NO EARS...but let's say he has 5.
He was a pretty awesome donkey, this Key, as you all can see. Why? 'Cuz he looked like he had spikey hair! BUT IT WAS BECAUSE HIS EARS GREW OUT FROM HIS EYES!!

That also meant that he had no eye he couldn't close his eyes. He just had to keep staring...and staring...and staring.
But then...THEN....ONE DAY...



THE FROG LOOKED LIKE HE HAD ELEPHANTIASIS ON HIS FEET! Now now, that would just be silly because frogs aren't elephants, so for the sake of this story, THE FROG HAD FROGGY-O-TITUS ON HIS FEET!
Key was...SHOCKED! He had never seen FROGGY-O-TITUS before, and definitely not a chilled and coloured frog! COLOURED! AND FROGGY-O-TITUS! This was surely interesting!

Then FROGGY-O-TITUS saw Key.

He was NOT happy. "What ya look'n at" He said in a heavy American accent. It could have been Irish...after all, Key had no idea about accents. For all he knew, the frog was Chinese...THEN HE HAD AN IDEA.

HE WOULD SING THE ELMO SONG! [This was requested by an audience prior to the story]

[I didn't and still don't know the lyrics, but by this point my audience was ignoring me on figures...but following that, I displayed the drawings below.]

FROGGY! =D Key didn't know the lyrics to it after long contemplation and froggy was getting impatient. SO KEY HAD A BETTER IDEA!


And so, he ate the frog.


As fore mentioned,  this story definitely decreased my IQ the as I typed it out on my blog, however, stupid as it is, I believe it provides a correct insight on exactly what would go through a drunk college student's mind. I, however, was most definitely not under the influence of alcohol...or drugs, just sugar.

So fellow readers, if your brain has not yet turned into mush, how does alcohol affect you? Or what happens when you go on a high? I hope the donkey doesn't eat a frog when you are high!



  1. lol... double u tee eff

    I tend to stay away from alcohol due to my low tolerance... what happens when I'm high? WELL YOU'LL HAVE TO FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF

  2. ... so instead of Rei blogging about this you did it yourself. *sigh* whatever shall i do with you *facepalm*

  3. Hahaha. I loved the frog's eyes. So cute! And to be honest, I have never drank alcohol in my entire life. Thus, I can't really answer your question. D:

  4. I get sleepy and start having headaches when I drink... Definitely not high lol xP
    Very... uh... Insightful story though xD

  5. LOL haha last picture is BEST!

    Ummmm .. well when alcohol is involved it depends, if there is a good atmosphere and i am having fun i get hyper but then if its boring i start getting sleepy .. really fast ><


  7. hahahaha~ Kim, he ran out of ideas first :P
    I still think the story was better in msn when it was sentence by sentence, this has less impact and more "wtf am I reading" xDD or something.
    But great job in deciphering two documents to produce this..... umm..... post, yes.
    I've never been drunk (8D) but on highs I'm high on msn and not really IRL (I think? that or I can't recall) and tend to be a) childish, or b) just really loud :]

  8. RE: ALL

    I'm kind of speechless at the fact that you all can still type english after reading this story :)

    next post won't be so random don't worry :)


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