Monday, October 18, 2010

Horribly Wrong

General disappointment in the lack of readers, or rather commentators on my blog. I think I should change the font size and layout a bit, perhaps that will draw more attention to it.

Onwards to today's topic of interest: An Interesting Topic. No jokes, I wrote it, it's interesting =]

Went on a double date couple of days ago with said girlfriend and couple of interest (note the times I use the word interest and it's variations in this post and or words that have the same meaning). The outline for the date was predetermined, interestingly enough, since I don't usually plan stuff and just jump right into it for the nice spontaneous feel. We were to meet up at the peculiar time 11am to eat brunch go down to Chadstone Shopping Centre (the 'fashion capitol' of the state according to their egotistic advertisements), and shop til 4pm.

This plan sounded too detailed to my liking, it was not going to go well. Woke up, got dressed and drove to pick up said girlfriend at designated 10am. "MY HAIR! MY HAIR! IT'S KIND OF MESSY!" Calls of distress from the other side of the phone did not pipe my interest. So in the car I stayed for 15 minutes. Unwise decision. The mistress came out with a look of irritation and disgust and sat unwillingly into the passenger seat. She then proceeded to play the game called "Who can make the Least Amount of Comments During this Awkward Transport Ride".

Eventually, since I was so good at the game she gave way and exploded like a volcanic eruption. 

Her eye brows turned thick and manly and all her hair flew out. "MY HAIR WAS MESSY WHY DIDN'T YOU COME IN AND HELP ME STRAIGHTEN IT...." at this point, being your average college student, and let's be more specific here...average male college student, I didn't want to disappoint accused stereotypes, so I tuned out. It worked until 5 minutes later I heard the words "LAB CLASS". I stopped a turned towards her.

This was a pretty scary concept for me so I tuned in and learnt that lab was still running that week, I had already missed mine and she would miss hers and it would cost us 4%. I calmed down and reassessed my situation, interestingly enough, that 4% was worthless to me, and she didn't need it either.

I got to our designation and tried to talk her out of going to class that afternoon. Success followed. We met up with couple of interest, successful 'brunch' followed. In fact, the rest of the afternoon was boringly successful. Not blog worthy, so I shall use photographs to convey the remainder of the story.

In the end, we decided that sitting down and drinking was definitely better than shopping, and so we did.

So readers, I'm going to leave you with a thought, the moral of the story is, when you're driving, listen to what your partner has to say, it might not mean anything, but do it anyway. What are the most interesting conversations you've had in a car? Ponder on that thought, because my next post? Incidents that occur within my personal vehicle...



  1. I haven't actually been on blogger properly lately so I haven't been commenting frequently :/ Stupid uni.

    Anyways, I always listen unless I'm tired. I listen even when the person speaking isn't speaking to me. It's always ..hmm ...useful to know what's going on around you, imo. I don't know. Maybe I just like to know everything that's going on around me so I know how to act appropriately in the situation.

  2. I love your illustrations, they are very entertaining!

    Hahaha I talk more to the person driving cos I tend to get INTERESTINGLY honest answers that I don't get under normal situations/circumstances.

  3. I would love to try those drinks when i'm in Aussie >w<

  4. love the pictures ^.^ Anything that people talk to be about is interesting to me (:


  6. Haha I like the last shot of you in the car xP
    Kim needs yellow hair to be super saiyan !


    I mean, listening to your partner is an important issue, my partner can tell you many stories. Even now when I'm commenting, he isn't listening to me and go to his bed and sleep. *sign*
    Should listen to your girl friend not only when you are driving. :D


    Oh, right, most interesting conversation at the wheel? Get back to me when I do have one :( All I know is to not talk as I turn corners.

    But really, you should listen to her at all times :p great pictures

  9. *pokes* i like your blog. im just so behind in commenting its not funny, so i have dedicated the rest of the night to "comment posting" LOL !
    i honestly read this post at work today and was in hysterics LOL i think all my colleagues think i am slightly insane thanks to you and your drawings.
    i hate to admit but i have done what your girlfriend has done to my boyfriend (confusing sentence)
    the main conversations that happen in the car with my boyfriend are usually 2 things.
    1. we talk about the food will eat at the restaurant/cafe/pub we are going too.
    2. randomly tease eachother and try to make the other lose concentration [do not try this]
    anddd .. occasionally we have the odd fight of me saying to him that if he kills 9 people in call of duty but dies 5 times then really only 4 kills count ;]


  10. RE: Melody
    =X neither have I, but shitstorm has calmed down for me a bit, and now i have to get my ass moving to study =[[

    RE: Min
    =D my friend told me i should improve the quality of my pictures, so next time i think i won't use MSpaint to draw out my pictures anymore

    RE: Mei and Resha
    Thankyou for your comments :) I hope you enjoy my blogs =X

    RE: Xin and Kim
    =3 DOESN IT LOOK JUST LIKE HER :) I pride myself in being such a great artist

    START DRIVING *A* then you can drive me everywhere :)

    RE: May
    Nah...I didn't think Kim would say anything beneficial to me on the day :( and I thought we were still playing the "let's make awkward silences" game =\

    RE: Jahnice
    =X ew i know, i think i'm going to go into hibernation mode as well, exams are JUST around the corner for me, and i promised my friends that i'll try. It's comforting to know that people actually enjoy my blog =D oh you shouldn't feel obliged to blog =3 if you do the quality of your blogs won't be consistent!

  11. Hmmmmmm... I can't exactly give you a proper answer for this one since the only person who I've ever really spoken to in the car is my dad, and we don't talk very much. xD

    But anyway, nice pictars though! >:D Sounds like you had quite a fun ride with Kim in the car. hahahah

  12. please blog more I like your post it always leave me thinking. I haven't been on blogspot in a while so no comment :(

    interesting convo are always naughty so i will not comment any further haha :P

  13. RE: Vu've never sat in anyone else's car? and surely some interesting things have popped up =O We have such interesting conversations in the car...maybe it's just me

    RE: Tam
    it's ok i will keep posting xD I just enjoy feed back so I know what my readers enjoy and what they can't tolerate so i can adjust my content. :) I'm glad you enjoy my blog!
    Juicy conversations are always most interesting and always most secretive ;) I have them too =P


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