Friday, December 31, 2010

Final Notes

Alas, the year of 2010 has gone by and despite being slack and not checking blog posts of everyone else, nor doing my own, I am definitely sure there are an abundance of posts in regards to the closing of this year. Usually, I would like to be different, however, constant gaming has killed and utterly destroyed my creativity (explaining the lack of posts) and also added disgusting acne on my face.

Firstly, I would like to assure those who actually do read and enjoy my previous posts, that I will continue blogging next year and this is not a concluding post. I apologize as I have been extremely lazy the past month or so, and have been spending my time gaming rather than replying important emails, catching up with individual good friends, replying blog posts and writing new blog posts.

Having that gotten out of the way, I am now sitting in 40 degree Celsius weather, reflecting on my year. There are a tonne of things worth mentioning, and this humble post cannot contain the wondrous events of a college student; hence, I shall only focus on a few.

1. Christmas

 Christmas had passed by...and I have yet to make a Christmas post, I shall have to reserve this section for the New Year post after today.

2. Choice of Fashion

Last year, I decided that my choice of fashion would be Smart Casual. Having received many criticisms, I went over seas puzzled and unable to settle down on a particular fashion and decided to roam around different styles. The year has gone past and it appears that I have made such an impression to my fellow youth that despite wearing "normal casual wear", they still regard it as "dressed up". Pity.

Me in a "casual" sweater
Perhaps it's just the vibe I give to the general public when I associate with them more closely. Anyhow, as the year progressed, despite having a variety of different styles. it started to lean in one direction.

A Jacket I got from my dear beloved.
It's starting to make some resemblance to some smarter looking clothes. I guess it can't be helped, we're not exactly in high school now are we?

Smart Casual? More casual than smart.
Eventually, it ends up looking like this. Although still more casual than smart, it is evident that I cannot escape the fact that I like wearing collared shirts.

Yep, smart casual wear definitely suits me the best.
<On this note, I would like to mention that I had a haircut a couple of weeks ago...not one I particularly liked. Also a couple of close friends are also bugging me to change my hair style, any suggestions?>

3. Resolutions

Generally speaking, I do not indulge myself in anything in regards to for relationships. However, I believe it's time to get off my lazy ass and  get fit. I have decided to make this my resolution for next year. Because I have failed this mission this year. I would post a picture of half-naked me up, but I'll save my favourite readers from experiencing nightmares.

My other and less significant resolution would be to achieve straight HD's throughout the entire of next year in college. But that's not significant.

I would like to let everyone know that I will be going away for the New Year period for a little get away trip with my family and close family friends, thus, there will definitely be new posts. For now, Happy New Years Eve everybody!



  1. Reading your "quest for fashion" was entertaining. Never saw anyone put so much effort into finding their own style :P Smart casual suits you, so does normal casual.
    Happy New Year!! Have a great one ^^

  2. Happy New Year!
    Thanks for being an awesome friend who always gave a helping hand when I needed it :) And I don't think you need to define your style. Because style doesn't really need a name or category of sorts, you know?

  3. Happy New Years ^,^
    Your personal style is fine the way it is because its you :] .. Uhmmm hair style, well maybe you can get it choppy? like Dragonball Z styles ;]
    Good luck in the new year Pui :]

  4. I'd like you to know that i got you that sweater as well as that jacket that you put up >.> and im glad to know you put commitment in relationships. if not i'm sure you'd be in a world of pain when you get back <3

  5. haha, i feel like i kinda deviated in the opposite direction to you in terms of MY fashion sense ^_____^

    and im sorry for pressuring you about your hair... In all seriousness, it is mostly fine, i just would love to see you with another style. If you really feel like a change, i think longer hair styles would fit you and so grow your hair for a while ^_____^

  6. It's better to get dressed up than to look like a slob! ^^♥

  7. Happy New Year Alan !!
    I think the smart casual look suits you !
    Keep blogging and have fun on your trip ^^;

  8. why would anyone criticised your fashion sense. I think its awesome to be dressed up then looking like you put no effort. Like barney stinson would say "suit up!" good luck for the new year :)


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