Sunday, December 19, 2010

Average Celebrities

I figured that this post would not be the best of ideas as a post after emerging after disappearing from the internet life for a couple of weeks. On the side note, my disappearance has absolutely nothing to do with a lack of internet or a lack of computer, it has just merely been a lack of communication for the last 2 weeks with majority of people save for family and partner.

Having gotten that out of the way, I would now like to apologize for this post as it deviates from normal content but is something I currently feel strongly about that I would like to raise a discussion about: Visual Appearance.

As shallow as this seems, please do not dive into the safety ideal answer of "looks-are-not-important-what-matters-is-personality". False statement. Deep inside every one of us, looks always plays an aspect, big or small. So where should you draw the line? This part is tricky, by now, we should all know that relationships belonging to the 2 individuals is a big lie. That is the core of the relationship. The rest of the relationship includes family from respective individuals. Good first impressions, flawless manners, looking good the first time you meet, are all impressions everyone attempts to make in an attempt to appeal to their partner's family.

What if you're not attractive? If you're just average, or worse, below average? How will that turn out?

Readers, if you bothered to read this, please voice out an honest opinion. How important should the ratio between good looks and personality be before considering future or current occupation?


  1. hmmm... looks are pretty relevant but what captivates me the most is personality ^_____^
    and occupation-wise, it just depends on what kind of work you are in right? but for the most part, competency plays the biggest role

    hihi pui pui :3

  2. I ponder about this all the time. People think it's shallow to go for looks but if someone look really hideous what are the chances of being approached? Personality attract the heart though. In all honesty I go for looks first and from there narrow down to personality. Also I have small eyes fetish so I go for guys with small eyes
    I think family want whats best for their child so occupation will score points. This is sad but I know a guy that got dumped cos his gf's family thinks their daughter is too good for him so they forced her to break up with him.
    Interesting topic pui!

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  4. Looks are important. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. I am, as you know, a Goddess. My husband's HOT and my baby girl is a little spunk. Looks are very important.

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