Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Seasons and Greetings

Although a little late, I'm sure we have yet to forget Christmas Eve/Day, New Years Eve/Day.

Throughout my short lived life, the week of Christmas is the most busy week of the entire year. Let's have a breakdown of my week before Christmas.

  • 7 Days Remaining  (18th)
    Time to go shopping for presents, and to stock up food for Christmas Day. Shop, shop, shop.
  • 6 Days Remaining (19th)
    Hm, we forgot to buy those Christmas baskets for family friends. Shop, shop, shop.
  • 5 Days  Remaining (20th)
    Oh, now we need to send in the Baskets for the next couple of days for like 5+ hours.
  • 3 Days Remaining (22nd)
    Twin Cousins' birthday, family dinner that lasts for hours and cleaning the house before hand.
  • 2 Days Remaining (23rd)
    Mother's birthday, family dinner that once again lasts for hours and cleaning the house before hand.
  • 1 Day Remaining (24th)
    Christmas Eve, last minute grocery shopping is down now, last minute presents shopping is also down now, eat out with close family friends, once again, lasts for hours.
  • Christmas Day (25th)
    Family over, eat, eat, eat. And drinks.
  • Boxing Day (26th)
    Spend the last bit of money on clothing.

As one can see this is how my year usually ends, save for the times I travel overseas, and in that case, it's just non-stop spending of cash. Admittedly, apart from the time wasted sitting in the restaurants waiting for food to be served, this period of time is remarkably enjoyed as I suppose it is with you, the readers.

Now, New Years is the next main big event. Rather, New Years Eve count down to welcome the beginning of the new year is the main big event.

Let's have a look at what occurred this year:
  • Pui decides to finally submit a blog entry titled "Final Notes" to remind people that he is actually still alive and will blog.
  • In 40 degree Celsius heat, Pui plays dress up in front of his bathroom mirror to demonstrate the rotating fashion style he has had throughout the year.
  • Pui chose an outfit after playing dress up and got ready to go into the city to meet up with friends to have dinner.
  • Dinner is had at a Japanese Restaurant after having indecisions and no clear leader in the group.
  • Being still relatively early, Pui&Friends decided to rock up to Karaoke and have some fun.
  • Disaster occurred.
  • Pui&Friends were supposed to meet up with Friends'o'Friend's, however, they were late due to Karaoke.
  • Still, fun was had at the Karaoke bar and Pui&Friends went to an entertainment complex in search of Friends'o'Friend's. Discouraged by the fact that FoF was obsessed with an arcade dancing game (DDR), PnF decides to get a few drinks at the bar near by and play some table soccer.
  • Finally, PnF meets with FoF at a pub and camped out by the river side to watch fireworks.

New Years Eve was well spent and very much enjoyed despite being simplistic. As I am sure many of you with have similar stories to tell I would like to leave the post here and welcome everyone to the year of 2011.



  1. you went to karaoke before we met?, i wanted to go karaoke lol, but watching a movie and going to galactic circus was good enough lol. one of my friends didn't even want to go galactic circus, she also tried to stay away from it lol

    It was nice meeting you =]

  2. haha seems like you did a lot of shopping during Christmas season :)


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