Monday, October 22, 2012

The child that once was

Hey everyone! So many of you have absolutely no clue what my previous 2 installments of my comics was in regards to. Do not worry as the third and final installment will reveal everything!

As of late, I have decided to join the ranks of "responsible adults" by getting a job, actually waking up and going to work, and hating every moment of it. I will  allow a moment of silence for all of you to commend me on my bravery to attempt to grow up. *silence* Brilliant! Now that we have acknowledged my courageous endeavors to the front line of the work force, I feel the need to bring to light the true nature of "becoming a responsible adult".

The following is an extract of my diary:

Day 1
Today I join the ranks of the adults with a job and uniform. This is not my first job, so I'm sure I'll do fine. The sun was warm and bright as if to welcome my new routine life. The coworkers are friendly and the customers were reasonable. Day 1 at work was quite standard, wasn't easy but wasn't tough like it was made out to be. Went home and enjoyed doing nothing with my life but games and internet. Ha! So called responsibilities!

Day 9
Today I had to wake up again. The suns hone on my face in an attempt to mock my feelings and mood. Some customer wanted to refund a half finished drink because they didn't like the taste of it. I went home to my then meaningless life to waste away.

Day 197
Got up. Felt like shit. Hated customers. Went home and sat in a corner.

From the extracts, it would appear that the adults have lied to us. The "responsibilities" they speak of is just making sure you have enough money for the next meal, paying your bills and rents on time...etc. Other than that, it is quite easy to simply sit there and cry about how much life you don't have. However, on this seemingly dangerous journey, I have learnt (yes, learnt, and consequently decided to warn my fellow young adults and adolescents) that work is hard. It is not the nature of the job that is difficult (provided you were give n access to the necessary training). Nope, with enough practice, anything can become simple. The greatest difficulty - by far - is getting up every morning, looking at yourself in the mirror and saying "Yes, I will make it through today!" and going to the job that you hate. Smiling at the customers who curse and degrade you because of an error on your company's part. That, is the difficulty. That, makes work hard. It shall be my life long quest to find a job I'll love doing everyday for the rest of my life. But for the meantime, I guess I'll just hate my job like most other "responsible adults" and earn some savings.



  1. Ahaha, brilliant start and then got sympathetic and depressing as I read on <=[
    Always looking out for a new job is an opportunity/door out of the currently stuck one you're in that you hate. But alas, even that step is hard. At least you have a job and not stuck trying to look for one :D that's something you can tell yourself. You may hate it, but you're earning the Gees instead of moping around depressed everyday with no study unable to find a job to even get any.

  2. I remember reading this novel which had this profoundly hilarious quote "It's not growing up, it's growing sad". Okey, not hilarious, but a dry chuckle at least! Yay on your job! Haha jobs just take up more of your time, time which you didn't think you could spare but hey, when money's involved, then you make the time gosh darnit. I like how you mention you had a uniform but your stick figure man at the busstop decided to be nude, totes cool bro HAHA. Why did you say 'Today I had to wake up again', you make that sound like a chore HAHAHA. The sun mocks everyone, don't worry, seven billion people are with you o/ Customers can be so infuriating and think we're there to cater for every nonsensial whim, bah! Work requires stamina and integrity inside you, it is hard, people undermind it so very much. And sometimes, as you've pointed out with the mirror analogy, the determination to get through the day is difficult to find T_T I hope you manage to at least find some comfortable ground for your job or see this as a stepping stone to the next one :D

  3. Awww PuiPui! I understand
    how you feel, yet I love my
    job, it's my boss that it's
    making it a less pleasant

    Wow, some customers are
    really rude! Asking refund
    on a drink that's half
    finished? That's easy scoring
    with a drink :o

    /Reply/: I went to this farm
    because we had leftovers and
    I've heard that you are allowed
    to feed animals at this farm, so...
    c: x

  4. such a cute last photo and its good tht u have a job! it sucks u dont like it, but i dont think you're meant to like it :p also yep i moved out for uni, and i dont use ebooks because my laptop isnt very portable and we have to take the books into our seminiars, i havent ebook versions for some aswell, :<


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