Thursday, November 1, 2012

Constructing Pieces of Lost Memories

So recently I got myself a new desk in my room and I had to put the pieces together along with my dad…well mainly my dad putting it together and me watching him do all the work.

While my dad was building the desk, it kinda made me think when was the last time we spent time together let alone being in the same room for more than 5 minutes.

If you’re wondering well, he’s my dad and we live in the same house so you’re bound to be in the same room. Actually, my day consist of me hibernating in my room in front of my computer and only coming out to find food in the kitchen (my mum always says that I'm brooding like a chicken --") While my dad’s day is basically watching TV in his room, Facebooking on the iPad or putting together those Gundam model thingys. I guess you can say our paths never really meet unless it’s during dinner time or when going out along with my other family members. 

Brooding like a boss

So while we were hammering our way through this desk (not literally hammering the desk but like working our way through it), it felt like we were putting together pieces of my past memories that I’ve had with my dad. There were times where it fit perfectly and things were just right but there were also times when things weren’t quite right and it needed a bit of effort to fix.

I’m not saying my relationship with my dad is bad or anything but I have to say that my dad has gotten a lot more wrinkles and white hair than I last remember.  I guess I just need to take the time out of my busy *cough* life and spend more time with those around me.

That's not my hand btw xD
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  1. Awww what a touching post
    of you about dad!
    Wait wait, your dad do
    Gundam model thingies? I
    thought those are for kids.
    I once tried to build those
    but failed.

    I think it's nice of your
    dad constructing that desk
    of yours. Maybe his way of
    showing affection? c:


    1. haha I have to say, my dad is still a kid xD

  2. It's a sweet post. I like how the fixing of the desk is akin to the relationship with your dad. Sometimes we forget that our parents are getting old too.

    To reply you, my husband is in the Air Force.

    1. yeah...I admit I sometimes forget that too =(

      wow air force, do you get to see him often??

  3. i wish i spent more time with my family, but since im not living with them anymore its kinda of difficult, i must try an phone them at ;east once a week :)


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