Monday, October 8, 2012

Back to Basic

Hey guys, hamsterG here =D This post is actually from my old blog which doesn't exist anymore so you might have read this already.

We’re all living in a life where we rely on mobile phones and just forget about the outside world beyond the technologies we have. I didn't really think about this until I had an encounter with a friend and this is roughly how the conversation went :

Friend: “Hey, what time is it?”
Me: *looks at watch* “It’s 1:43”
Friend: “you wear a watch?”
Me: “yeah…why?”
Friend: “Well you have your phone don’t you?”
Me: o.O

I was a little taken aback and it made me think, are mobile phones our answer to everything? Do people know how to tell the time or calculate basic math without whipping out their phones and having a bright digital pixilated screen telling them?

It makes me wonder, is everything about touch screens and 12 mega pixel cameras and being able to browse the web at 4G speed and...Siri?
What happened to using normal cameras and having that not so perfect picture making it perfect?
What happened to having a decent conversation with friends without having to check your phone every 5 minutes for a WhatsApp or Facebook update?
What happened to just making your own sandwich instead of asking Siri to?

Of course having this little device in our pockets can make our daily life so much easier and more manageable but it doesn't mean we should rely on it for everything we can be capable of.
Instead of playing some soccer game on your phone, go out and play soccer with your friends.
Instead of going on online stores, go out and shop with someone.
Instead of playing Angry Birds, go throw some birds at some pigs (I'm joking, no really don't go and find some birds to throw...that's not nice)

In the end, we just need to put it down and sit back and relax, have a cup of tea and enjoy life beyond a 3.5 inch screen =)

P.S. If you're using your mobile phone to read this, remember to come back (^v^)

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