Friday, July 6, 2012

For he's a jolly good fellow

Well, it's been a long while since my last post with colourless images and wobbly stickfigures! So what has Pui been up to within the time between this post and the last? Shopping, sleeping, gaming and competing with the girlfriend's korean idol group.

Perhaps it's just my lack of idol, or perhaps it's just a "girl thing", but when I walk into the room of a 18-21 year old girl, there would be around 3-4 posters of the same band or solo artist (depending on their idol), then there another 3-4 posters of another.

Disclaimer: This is not actually her room and this was just taken from the net
"But Pui," I hear you ask, "how does that have to do with competing with the idol?"
I'm glad you raised that point, or at least I'm glad I formed an imaginary you to raise the point. I will attempt to reenact the scenario that usually goes down when I'm over at the girlfriend's place.

After a time span of what feels like an hour, I can't take it I needed to look over her shoulder.

Pui's narcissistic nature kicked in. How can I be here right next to you, and you would be staring at a guy on the screen?

One day, I too, will look like a idol.


A slice of vanity

Sometime during June was Pui's birthday. Normally I don't do this whole birthday celebrations but for some reason this year everyone really wanted to celebrate it for me.

My students at my workplace decided to bring in a cakes with too many candles because apparently I look like I'm 45.

My close friends decided to surprise me with pink wrapping paper and 2 really girly yet beautiful cards with delicate details.

So a shout out to every single one of you who deliberately went out of their way just to make an event I usually go out of my way to avoid, into something I will cherish dearly. Although...I'm still almost certain that the reason you guys want me to actually hold something is so you guys can finally pull out all that dirt on me.

This isn't everyone's the newest group photo we have :)


PS. How does one reign superior over their partner's idol?


  1. HAHAHA this post was too funny that i just had to comment! my sister was just listening to super junior too..smh! and poor you! well i don't think you're narcissistic for being that way. it's actually very normal :B

    happy belated to you! and how does one reign superior over their partner's idol? hmm...well. you can't exactly compete. it's just the way things are! but i wish you luck!

    alex @

  2. HAHA suju, I was never a diehard fan but my favourite left the group ;_; It probably is a girl thing hehe, I had my room covered in Big Bang posters for most of highschool, for a second, if I didn't read the disclaimer caption, I would've assumed your girlfriend was a mega suju fan with those posters O_O AHAHA you can not pry a fan girl away from her idols, it's almost religious haha. You are already an idol, with your dapper outfit and sunnies B) Happy belated birthday! :D Aww, those are lovely gifts, how thoughtful. Nobody gives cards anymore >:(

  3. Lol poor PuiPui :P
    Don't worry you one
    and only Pui on this

    Too be honest I don't
    have a single poster
    in my room. Altho I'm
    a HUGE fan of Big Bang
    and such...

    I so love that chubby
    one from Super Junior c:


  4. happy belated birthday :D lol though i dont have super junior posters around my room, i do have an inspiration board of fashionable models..etc hahah! that inspires me.


  5. awh bless :p my bf felt the same way about my old obsession with Ville Valo, we don't mean anything by it! I hope you had a great birthday too :)


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