Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Exam. Period.

Hey guys, it's June! Which means it's EXAM PERIOD. Get excited! For us college students, it means sleeping in. When exam period began, I began to wake up at 12pm feeling rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world. Unfortunately for me, I had become atoned to this wake time for a couple of weeks. So by and by comes the night before my examination.

Eventually, Pui did dozed off into a dark dreamless sleep.

The Awakening

Now, I'm sure most of you would understand the pain of having to wake up early in the morning, but that morning was horrendous. Soundly asleep, on came the vibration. Then the high pitched notes. I opened my eyes.

You gotta be kidding me.

What the distance and scene was like in reality.

What it felt like in my head.

 Intelligently, I had put my phone on the other side of the room so that I would have to get up to turn off the alarm. Unfortunately for Pui, it was a mere 2 degrees Celsius that morning. Accompanied by approximately 4-5 hours of sleep and this is what happens to Pui.


This struggle persisted for a good 5 minutes but eventually the alarm was turned off and sanity was restored. Briefly.

I animated it so you can watch me struggle over and over.

The Search

After undergoing his morning rituals, Pui was finally awake enough to hopefully drive for 40 minutes and not die. Double checked his notes, water bottle, pencil case, warm clothing. Pui was ready to take on the world.
Walking to my car feeling like a boss

But wait..where are my car keys...

I fumbled all around my pockets.

MY CAR KEYS?!?!?!?!

I decided I must've left it in my room. So I rushed back.

It was probably only this messy but in my half drunken state of mind this is what it looked like.

I made a bigger mess of my room.

Incase you cant tell I set fire to my clothes on the left. I should really colour my pictures in :(

Flipped the my desk downstairs upside down.

But the key still eluded me. At this point, 20 minutes had passed. I deliberately woke up early so I could go to my examination venue, enjoy a cup of coffee and munch on a toastie. Instead I am stuck with a headache looking for my magical disappearing car keys.

Eventually I gave up and went to find the spare keys...which also took 10 minutes to find. It's almost like the God of keys were playing a cruel joke on me.

And then HE said, let the car keys disappear!

In the end, all went well as Pui drove through a fog so thick he thought he had woken up in a mix between a horrible Twilight film and a Stephen King movie.

There was no snow, but it was this foggy :(

At least Pui still got to his exam with enough time to grab a mother to replace his coffee and toastie.


nb: I still haven't found my car keys.


  1. Lovely blog.

  2. i liked the part where you were looking for your car keys.
    Lolol nice comics, dude.

  3. Well drawn morning ritual haha :P
    very hilarious Pui! I can totally
    see myself here with turning off
    the alarm!


  4. Oh noo, I didn't see this post on my dashboard updates, damn you blogger! Hehe, yay to tablet drawings! Sigh, so true. I even have the intention of getting into bed early but even so, you just can't get asleep D: For some reason, my neighbour likes to maintain his garden like a construction site every (early morning) weekend and he is just ripping through chainsaws and lawnmowers, it gets me head splitting TT_TT I feel your pain! HAHA oh, I'm frantic like that when I try to find things in the morning, and end up just messing up my table T^T The universe is playing cruel games on you, huhu with your keys. Holy crap, that's foggy.. eerily foggy.. I'd be super freaked to even head out o_o It does remind me of King's 'Misery' though haha.

  5. your drawings are always so funny XD i have two alarms :p and i like your hair :3 i've just dyed mine purple too :p

  6. Amazing drawings!


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