Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just a moment...

Amidst the busy examination period and assignment period of college/university life, I find it necessary that I had purchased a tablet earlier this year. Allowing me high resolution stick figures!

It's kind of like homemade cupcakes, not as exciting but it's homemade.

Unfortunately, I haven't really had enough time to play with it so my ability to draw on it is quite limited...heck even my ability to write properly is limited!

Anyhow, the other day I went to McDonalds to grab a bite.

Hand-drawn goodness.

I looked at the menu like most people do.

Resolution so high everything becomes wavy!

Then it hit me. Why do I do that? Surely everyone has been here enough times to know generally what McDonalds sell right? Perhaps it's me feeling like a grouch for eating maccas enough times to know what I want to order before setting foot in front of the counter. Perhaps tilting my head looking up at the menu creates the illusion that I do not constantly spend money on fast food chains. So I just kept staring blankly at the menu pretending to read it.

When suddenly...

At least you can now read my messy handwriting

 How dare he? The boy behind the counter accused me of stalling for time! Although rightfully so, I felt this was unacceptable. Does he not understand the embarrassment of attending a store so often that you can pick what you want to eat before you examine the menu?

But really, sometimes I look at the menu anyway even if I know what I want in a proper restaurant. What about you?



  1. Aww yay, you got a tablet! I went to Officeworks the other day and spent like an hour aimlessly drawing on it HAHA. You walk to McDonald's so confidently without eyes! HAHAHA there are so many options on the menu, which scribble did you go for? Really, stalling time? That's quite rude. He could just wait, instead of being thrown with 20 changing orders! I take my sweet time with a menu because I want to pay for something I'm satisfied with! Hehe, I love these drawings, eagerly waiting for more in the future :) Btw, it's absolutely freezing in Sydney. There was so much wind action that I thought my house was gonna fly off to Kansas and visit Dorothy.

  2. LOL! Yes, what a lousy employee. I know that people take their time choosing what to order, despite knowing already or not what they want. Just to double check or if they want something different. Even get quite a few people THAT HAVE NEVER EATEN THERE BEFORE. Which is quite surprising. Lol sometimes they ask "so what's a nice burger you recommend?" I'm always stumped because I don't eat this stuff too often gahaha;;;;

    P.S.: awesome stick figure upgrade. Let's improve our art drawing abilities in the holidays 8D/


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