Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moving Colours

Weather seems to have been insane over the course of the year thus far. Just the other day when I was driving home (at a chilling 12 degrees Celsius, may I add), I noticed that the sky was bright, yet deep, blue and the trees on either side of the road was tattered and worn out. Colours of light green, yellow, and various shades of orange danced playfully to the wind. Flickering, some eventually gave way and floated to the ground. Watching those fiery leaves burn out one by one is probably one of the most magnificent views autumn has to offer. Normally, I would slow down and watch the playful street of trees sway to the symphony of the wind...or whatever I have playing on the radio. However, the chilling edge of the air gave me a sad reminder: autumn was coming to an end.

Fiery and full of energy towards the end of the year. The leaves drop like phoenix feathers...re-birthing in 3 short months.

Autumn was always my favourite season; winter was too cold, summer was too hot, and spring had hay fever. Autumn was just right. A nice cool breeze blowing through the window whilst you sit back and sip on that coffee.

Personally, I believe that sitting at a cafe listening to blues or jazz, and inhaling the dark aroma of coffee is best accompanied with the orange leaves.

With an occasional ice cream.

The thought that winter is robbing my favourite past times and replacing it with exams truly saddens me. I guess I will have to replace the vibrant colours of nature with musky old buildings of the city.


So what is your favourite season dearest readers?

- Pui.x


  1. Haha! Nice blog =D

    p.s. I like spring because it smells nice. Autumn drives me crazy coz of all the fallen leaves in my backyard.

  2. Hopefully you'll see a
    cute hedgehog passing by
    with fall! c:


  3. /Reply: Haha omg you have a packed
    schedule with eating :P but yeah
    same here when I'm in HK really...
    I always end up eating desserts
    with jello, fruit & aloe vera...



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