Monday, April 30, 2012

The Adventures of Pui #1

Once upon a nighttime, Pui was diligently, as ever, working on procrastination.

When suddenly, the doorbell rang.
DING DONG! or however doorbells ring where you live. You know, just imagine it.
Pui looked up. Strange, no one ever comes at this our. So he went to open the door.
Pui was startled! Someone was at the door! Well of course, someone HAD to ring his doorbell after all. But Pui had never seen this person before in his life. He looked intimidating.
He had muscles...
and was very tall.

"Hey little person" He said with a loud scarey booming voice. "Wanna join my karate club we're doing promos and what not"

Now, keep in mind that he was very tall and intimidating and very tall.

I would draw another picture to show you how tall he was but you should get the idea. So this is what Pui heard: "I have come to eat your kidneys and before I take them I would like some ketchup"

But then Pui heard the word "PROMO". GOD DAMN IT. I have enough telemarketing people already I don't need a knock on your door version of that!

So Pui summoned up all his courage and said: NO!

But the guy was intimidating with muscles and being tall so Pui let him in the house anyway and had to listen to an hour of his promotion which failed to sell.

And so, Pui continued to waste his life on procrastination.


A tad of vanity

Hey guys, the moral of the story above was that people who do martial arts are intimidating.

How has everyone been? Since my last update, I redyed my hair red! Unfortunately it doesn't come out great on camera, so all the pictures I have look brown.

Anyhow, this is my hair prior to it being cut.

And this is a picture of it with my friend Arthur at his graduation! Grats man!

If you look hard enough where the sunlight hits my hair, you can see that it's red! How do you like it?



  1. HAHAHAAHHAH AWWWWW your cartoons are as cute as ever <3 I love them :3
    "Sorry I'm busy proc-- studying for a test. Yes." - could've gotten away with that.
    And yes, your amazing flaming red hair continues to blind me. Mabushiiii Dx

  2. i like your red hair, and lmao the little drawings make the story even more funny, i wouldn't let a stranger in my house, but if it's a charity that i've heard of i pretty much have to donate, or i feel extremerly bad.

    /reply/ i live in the UK :( pretty boring over here XD

  3. Haha very entertaining
    intro of this post :P cute
    Like your red hair!


  4. Haha, the story is very cute and I like the drawings that accompanied it. Funny, I just dyed my hair too! But nothing exciting, just back to black. :)

  5. You better dress warm then in the chilly Melbourne! xx


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