Saturday, April 14, 2012


Hello dear readers! I know it's been over half a year since my last update, but rest assured, I have not forgotten the blogosphere! Life has just been hectic over this period of time and much sleep has been lost within the time I've disappeared. For those who have followed in the past and decided out of the whim to take a look again, you would already be familiar with the fact that I'm a young adult preparing the end of his education and stepping into the 'real world' of adults.

Damn the real world of adults.
Apparently a figment of children's imagination

Thankfully, I have yet to step into the scarey real world. Unfortunately, I am a little too old to fit into the pretty looking 'world of children'. Kinda stuck somewhere in between...

That's me...cept I'm asian and not a girl

Apart from the fact that the pictures above was probably one of the worst representations of such an important phase in life, what does remain true is that life gets busier. The time you use to use to surf pointless forums, downloading pictures of your new favourite boy/girl band of the month becomes less and less. Slowly you begin to cry out in distress, life is so packed and stressful, where is the time to do pointless things on the internet?


So perhaps the lack of time to be able to wasted away isn't exactly a reason as to why so much stress builds up as you age but insufficient time to relax is. We've all heard the saying "Stop and smell a rose" but quite frankly, sometimes finding a rose to smell is pretty difficult. So I've compiled a list on some of the things you don't have to go out of your busy schedule to do.

Unless you're a baby

Looking out the window

Yes. Unless you live in a maximum security confinement prison thing you will bound to come across windows throughout your day. I don't mean stare blankly out the window either. PAUSE for a while and admire the bird flying peacefully in the sky before cursing under your breathe when it shits on your car. Enjoy the sunshine, admire the wondrous patterns the grey clouds make on a cloudy day, mesmerize yourself into calming rain drops. Appreciate the architecture nearby, the cracks on the walls, the dents on the road, the weed and the webs hanging off the lamp.


Something a majority of us take for-granted. You don't have to be on your death bed to appreciate the fact that breathing means you're alive. Try this. Stop breathing. Manually stop breathing. Then when you can't hold it anymore slowly take a deep breath. Don't gasp for air like you almost drowned. Breathe in. S l o w l y. Close your eyes if you need to, and feel the air filling your lungs. Not only does it help you appreciate such a simple automated task, it would also help you calm down. So readers, breathe. Just. Breathe.


Something that, unless you're deaf, you cannot manually stop doing. However, the human brain miraculously learns to selectively block out things it doesn't wish to hear. Stop blocking out the sounds around you. The rain drops hitting the window pane, the constant tapping of the keyboard, the birds chirping outside, the horrible ringtone the young teenage girl has. Slow down and L I S T E N. Sometimes the most interesting stories stem off the most boring repetitive sounds around you.

Personally, I like to do all these things during a late night drive, with the radio turned up high.

So dear readers, how's your life treating you? Stressed? Look out the window of your world. Breathe the air of that world. Listen and feel the surroundings. Don't forget that it's the smallest things in life which makes life livable.



  1. Oh my goodness, you're back! Welcome back! :) I would've thought the figment of a child's imagination would have dinosaurs and princess castles. Hahaha, most of our lives are revolved around the many forms of the internet - social networking, blogs/vlogs, but I know many people who pointless wait for gossip forums to update and things like that - it is such a wasteful use of time haha. I think we should 'stop and smell the fresh air' instead, get outside and do something more worthwhile than staring at a computer monitor all day 8) Looking forward to more posts from ya!

  2. welcome back :) i'm a little stressed from exams, but i guess i have to do them to get where I want XD it sounds like you've had a tough time and i lvoe the caption for the girl with the laptop XD i hate having less and less time to be free


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