Monday, September 10, 2012

Manners, Your Manners

Hey guys, hamsterG here! It's my first post here and I hope you guys like it. Thank you Pui for letting me collaborate with you and yes, we have exciting stuff coming up at the end of the year. ^^

Here's some milk and cookies for you and please enjoy. =)   

Train manners. It’s not something that is really said out loud or something you need to be told. It’s kind of like a mutual agreement with the rest of the passengers when you hop on a train. I mean there are the rules of no swearing, no alcohol, no feet on seats, having a valid ticket etc but I mean something more extreme like showering on the train (well maybe not that extreme xD). However, recently I’ve seen things and it makes me wonder why people do this. It’s like they don’t notice the other people on the train and they think they’re at home. This is just some of the stuff I’ve seen and hopefully you won’t be in any of the situations I have been in.

So first off, I don’t understand why women/girls do their makeup on the train. I personally don’t wear any so maybe I don’t know how long it actually takes them in the morning. I understand if they need to reapply lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, lip-whatever but I mean those powdery stuff (don’t know the term ><) or eyeliner or mascara or whatever makeup products are out there. If the train ride happens to be a bit bumpy, I sure the only thing they won’t be mascar-ing are their eyelashes. If you need the time to put on makeup, then please, set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier.

What is she? Poking her eyes out?
The guy at the back is a bit creepy too...

Rubbish…kinda speaks for itself doesn’t it. Why can’t people throw their rubbish away when they get off the train? It isn’t a food court where there are people who are there constantly to clean up for you. People leave them on seats which lead to people putting them on the floor which leads to drinks being spilled which leads to sticky floors and the train smelling like…crap (couldn’t think of another word =\).

They say the more, the merrier =)

I think this one is a one off thing and I’ve only saw it once and I hope to never see again. This actually happened while I was in Hong Kong and the train was pretty full but not packed. There was this lady who decided that clipping your nails is ok on the train. For me, that is pretty disgusting and to see her finger nails fly off in different directions, it’s like seeing someone flick their boogers at you. I guess she was just showing some love by sharing…

Because letting Paul roll off like that is the right thing to do.
Well done George, well done...

Lastly, I believe in personal space when it comes to sitting next to strangers on the train. There isn’t a need for you to shove the front page of the mX in my face every time you turn the page unless it’s the overheard section, I’ll make an exception for that. Also, to the girl who put her feet up next to the seat I was sitting on to put her socks on, I might as well have given you a feet massage because it took you have the train ride to do so. 

Now where can I get this cat??

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  1. Hi G!
    Ahh ! Toenails... gross >_<!
    I hate it when the bus is full, but someone sits in the aisle seat, and has their bag on the space next to them even though there are people standing up. It just seems so rude because some people wouldn't want to confront them so would end up standing even though there is a spare seat...
    Yes... I make sense... !

    1. hey Xin!
      I don't take bus that often but I know what you mean. I don't understand why people put their bags on seats especially during peak hour =/

  2. Most of these things i agree with...but i do my makeup on the train actually.
    I didn't think it was a gross looking or disgusting or bothersome to other people as say rubbish, why is it so bothersome for you? And trust me, girls who do have to do their make up on the train, are used to the bumps, it doesn't bother them =)

    1. Don't get me wrong, I don't find it disgusting or anything. It's just that I don't know why people do it on the train and it's something I thought about. Maybe it's something I won't ever understand xD

  3. I can totally identify with all these actions on the train in my country too. I especially can't stand the clipping of toenails and would never understand why people do that. The make up is fine though I would be conscious if I were to do my make up on the train.

    1. Hi Jo!
      Thank you for dropping by and reading this =)
      Haha yeah, I don't think anyone could understand people cutting their toenails on the train.
      I agree, I think I would start getting conscious too.xD

  4. i didnt get my milk and cookies :(

    im so happy i didnt get to see tht in HK, i wouold have been mortified. Its common for girls here to put their make up on, on the bus and such, i think it takes longer 10mins it surely does for me, just apply eyeliner takes 20mins for me, however i hardly wear it which is why im so slow :p

    1. awww really? I shall send it right now *sends milk and cookies* :D

      I think I would take longer than 20mins...I pretty much don't know anything about makeup ><

  5. Thank you for stopping by and for following. It means a lot when someone follows coz he or she is really interested in keeping in touch. I hope my adventures and whatever is on my blog interest you as much as your blog did.

  6. Wah, so many frustration you have
    encountered in the train! And I
    completely understand because I
    can't stand some of some other
    passengers behavior like leaving
    rubbish behind, or talking super
    loudly on the phone.

    I kind of lol'd about the make up
    in the train part as for myself I
    don't put make up but finds it
    somewhat interesting when other
    people does..

    The girl with the plushies in the
    train is pretty cute yet if it
    was packed in the train, I would
    probably grabbed one. And keep it.



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