Friday, July 1, 2011

Such is Life

So, due to personal reasons and the intensity of final year of undergraduate uni, I have been completely ignoring the blogosphere. My bad guys, my bad.

I also realize this means I have to go back on the promise that I would sketch the next few blogs. However, I will slip in a few here and there. Let's get rolling though:

Why Guys Shouldn't do Errands. 

Sure, there have been a lot of sexist jokes about how when guys are sent off to grab something in a shopping centre, they get it over and done with in 10 minutes where as girls would most likely to take 2-3 hours.

Good laugh, sure. But reality isn't like that with guys.

Case 1: Buying Groceries
The other day mother asked me to go buy some cucumbers 'cause she was making some sushi that night. Now I've seen a cucumber before, I've eaten a cucumber before. I felt pretty damn confident that I can locate a cucumber or 2 and purchase it without fail.

 For all you fellow readers that have had a similar experience with something like capsicum will understand. No deal. It's a trap. I walked into to the supermarket, confidence alarmingly high. My first mistake was thinking that zucchinis were cucumbers. I headed right for them disguised vegetables and lifted one up to examine it. That's when I noticed the sign behind the vegetable said Zucchini. I panicked. What is wrong with you food? The next few cucumber like objects that I examined were all different looking zucchinis!

Really? You can tell a difference? I still can't.

After searching frantically for another 5 minutes, I located the cucumber section. Thought I was safe and breathed a breath of relief. As I approached I realized my fears just began. There were small chubby ones, then there were long thin ones. To make things worse, I didn't know how to pick out a good cucumber.

There was only one thing to do in a situation like this.

Guys, they're easily overwhelmed by the diversity of different fruit and vegetables. Please don't crash our systems.

Case 2: Buying Snacks for Camp
Snacks and junk food! How can guys get this wrong? We can't. You're right, but this is what happens when you leave two guys and a clueless girl to buy things for camp.

Before we could get to the candy section my girl had caught up to us with such an expression.

Apparently if we eat too much junk food we'll get cavities. Who knew?!

Case 3: Going to a Store that They don't Usually Visit



  1. this post is soo funny and interesting haha!!! love the cucumber part best!

  2. you know when you called me that day, stated you were in a serious situation... i thought you'd be in the hospital or something... turns out you wanted to know about cucumbers... tsk tsk

  3. LOL! I can understand your problems with selecting which type of cucumber! xD

  4. xD great post~! Funny funny~

  5. You just fail at being a housewife in regards to cucumbers :P


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