Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feeling so Fly...

Last night I had an epiphany for my next update. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, I was unable to do so until today.

To get a better understanding of the entire story, we'd have to roll back a week ago. Our blogging hero Pui had yet to blog for 2 weeks, and things weren't looking good for his site at all. He needed to fix that, and fix it quick, but hey, his last undergraduate year of college had began, so he has all the right to push back the update no? And so, within his contact hours, he found the time to go shopping in Melbourne's "Fashion Capital"...Chadstone.

Like always, I would attempt to enter any single shop that sells expensive and stylish male clothing, following close behind, my girlfriend with her imaginary leash of constraint. After a long fight, she had successfully prevented me from purchasing 1 blazer, 1 leather jacket,  2 wallets, 1 suit, 1 belt, 2 shirts, 3 ties, 2 pairs of shoes and trendy shades. Unwilling to admit defeat, I forcefully dragged her into the final store.

There it was. The game changer, the heavenly jacket that glowed. There was no more arguments. I got the jacket.

I was a bloody glowing hero.


Fast forward the story back to this week. I was wearing the coat like a boss, chilling down the streets.

It suddenly dawned on me, that I most probably didn't know how to walk; this thought truly saddened me. My foot swelled up to 1.3 times the size of my other foot within the matter of minutes, but that didn't concern me, after all, when a full grown adult fails to walk, it is a day where suicide is highly considered for the benefits of the human race.

It was only a short while after my suicidal thoughts subsided due to the growing immense pain from my leg, so like anyone else, I got into my car and drove to the nearest medical clinic from home (approximately 45 minute drive) as opposed to going directly to the hospital 5 minute walk away.

After being redirected to a hospital and waiting for 3 hours with Tony's company, I ended up on wheel chair.

Alan: Hey Tony, I have a wheel chair. Jealous?
Tony: Yes, a bit.
Alan: I also finally have something to blog about!
Tony: Really? That's the first thing you think about?
Alan: ...yes.

Moral of this pointless post?

  1. Jackets are nice.
  2. I'm glad I didn't damage my jacket.
  3. In all seriousness, it was a pretty nifty jacket.

See? It's a nifty jacket.



  1. LOL after "Fast forward the story back to this week. I was wearing the coat like a boss, chilling down the streets." bit the images looks like an animation when you scroll down really fast >.<

  2. well uh, glad you're ok. ^^ *hugs*

  3. so i wish i had a leash like that. and looked that cool pulling on it D=

    oh yeah! why didnt you mention me picking out that jacket for you ;A; you make it seem like you snuck in that jacket whilst i wasnt looking. I PICKED IT OUT FOR YOU AND TOLD YOU TO GET IT AND PAID FOR IT TOO! i'm a good girlfriend =3

    And I told you there was a hospital just around the corner XD


    let's see you try!!!!

    and ty dwagons and mickey <33333

  6. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeel chairrrrrrrr !
    Hope you're okay now.. ._.

  7. Omg I hope you are okay! o:
    Forget about the jacket, think about yourself firstttt

    Anyway x

  8. What a day, maybe you need new shoes! Time for some more shopping? I slipped on the street once before too, um, on the back. PAINFUL BUT LOL, epic memory :D

  9. tehe nice jacket ^^ i love the photos really cute :3 tehe ur gf sounds like a smart girl saving ur money! i hope ur leg is okay :(

  10. tehe thanks for the comment and yep my blog is about fashion and life in general :p i like to sew/craft and bake :p


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